Pretty Cure Splash Star

Alt title: Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star

TV (49 eps)
2006 - 2007
Winter 2006
3.247 out of 5 from 548 votes
Rank #5,017

Five years ago, Saki and Mai saw two strange glowing balls under the Sky Tree, but neither girl remembers the event to this day. Now, the two find themselves once more under the Sky Tree and once more see the two glowing balls – they are Flappy and Choppy, two spirits from the Land of Fountains! When they met years ago, the girls were granted the powers of Pretty Cure; and now that the leader of the evil organization known as Dark Fall is seeking to destroy both the Land of Fountains and Earth itself, Flappy and Choppy have called upon the girls to save them all.  Can Saki and Mai protect both worlds from Dark Fall with their newly-discovered Pretty Cure powers?

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