Pretty Cure Miracle Leap Movie: Minna to Fushigi na 1-nichi

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Pretty Cure Miracle Leap Movie: Minna to Fushigi na 1-nichi

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Pretty Cure Miracle Leap Movie is a crossover involving the teams of Hugtto!, Star Twinkle, and Healin' Good Precure, though for a while it seemed that Healin' Good would be the sole team brawling with the forces of time featuring a mammoth round of Groundhog Day. The miracle lights are introduced in intriguing way.  The ‘don't stare’ ... ‘don't throw’ rules are worked into the plot.  The Healin' Good fairies Rabirin, Pegitan, and Nyatoran are sucked into a time warp where they meet Miraclun, a fairy chased by time wraiths.  She gives the trio miracle lights, explains the don’ts and rushes away.  Later, this scene is repeated ... an omen of things to come.  And come.  And come. The story begins on a Saturday morning and Nodoka is planning on a morning study session with Chiyu and Hinata (sadly, this crossover movie was conceived prior to the coming of Asumi/Cure Earth).  The only hint that the teams of Hugtto! and Star Twinkle will be involved comes when Nodoka runs into Hana Nono  (Cure Yell) and Hikari Hikaru (Cure Star) en route to Hinata's house.  Along with saving a boy's life and dirtying her shoes in a mud puddle.  Trivial little events which play big time in the story. The girls learn that Miraclun is a time fairy who controls tomorrow, and she has been trying to escape the clutches of Refrain, who recreates the past.  As Healin' Good Precure battles Refrain's minions to protect Miraclun, the wraiths only get more powerful as they combine.  But as the bad guys seem to gain the upper hand, Hugtto! and Star Twinkle appear and the battle swings in their direction.  But Refrain succeeds in capturing Miraclun, and the consequences are dire.  Yesterday will be repeated every day up to noon.  If the Pretty Cure cannot free Miraclun by that time, yesterday repeats.  Like 99 times. The secret to Refrain's strength is the predictability of repetition.  Once Grace, Hana, and Hikari learn to become unpredictable and change fighting styles, Refrain can be bested.  But it will be hard when Refrain transforms into the traditional scary entity to push the three teams of Precure to their limits. Again, this movie is crossover style, but around the 62-minute mark, there is a quick 2-3 second sweep of all Pretty Cure from Maxheart to Kirakira PC ala Mode.  Time to pause and slow advance.  The animation technique used is that for Healin' Good Precure.  It took a few seconds to recognize Cure Yell/Hana Nono.  Cure Macherie seemed different as well.  And again, while it is a three-team crossover, the recent team is featured.  At the climax of the ultimate battle, all falls on Cure Grace who goes through all those moments of uncertainty as the new cure on the block.  But she gets confidence boosts from Cure Star (who went through the same personal angst in PC Movie: Miracle Universe) and Cure Yell (cheerleader supreme in Precuria).  It's all the familiar wrinkles one will look for in any Pretty Cure Movie.  This may lead to predictability, but it's an element of the Precure style.  You know they'll get knocked down ... you cheer when they get up. There’s no future in trying to keep a Legendary Warrior down

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