Pretty Cure Max Heart Movie

Alt title: Futari wa Pretty Cure: Max Heart Movie

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Diamonds are said to be a girl's best friend. However, when mythical warriors from the Garden of Hope appear before Nagisa, Honoka, and Luminous, bringing news that the Dark Zone is threatening Diamond Line, the trio discover that they might have gotten more "friends" than they bargained for. If Diamond Line -- the jewelry of the Queen of Hope -- were to be used for evil, it could lead to the resurrection of the Dark Lord! Once again, the fates of entire worlds are at stake and it’s up to the Pretty Cure squad to save the day!

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Greetings Fanboys and Fangirls everywhere, After suffering from Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue and the second season of Earth Defence Club, I just go a visit from the Freelance Police whom some of you might Recognize from there 1993 Hit the Road game, Sam & Max... Yeah Sam & Max are characters I never talked about on my Review page before, Basically starting out as Comic Strip Characters like Gar...field, They began to hit big with there games and from what I've seen, They do not suck like Earth Defence Club in the like, But the Tell-tale game are what is the Resurgence to the Franchise, They came to me with a file of Complaint of Evil forces in the Neighbourhood, Alternate Dimensions making this one look odd, making fun of some Magical Boy groups without a licence, And turning a School Idol group evil... So they might be condemning my statues for the time being, But Max did say (Max: look on the bright side, You can stop with Phelous for the time being.... JWB: SQUIDWARD JWBS REVIEWS IS MOVIENG OUT!!!!!!!!!!) And so I'm Relocated in the Basement of Phelous's house, JWB: Thanks Phelan. Phelous: No problem buddy, now that your Review statues is part of mine temporarily, You can review some Animes and other stuff. JWB: Yeah and I might do the Live-Action TMNT movie reviews. Phelous: Yeah, But you know what would be interesting for you to do after the suffering you been in... Have you ever talked about a movie that features one Pretty Cure Group? JWB: Well you have a good point there Phelous, I don't think I have before. Considering that I've only covered three Pretty Cure All Stars movies so far (And probably defending the second DX movie and Phrasing two villains from Spring Carnival) I don't think I covered one of the Single team movies in general, in this case it shall be Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart the Movie released back in 2005 (Which is the first Pretty Cure movie ever to be made) with the Group that started this all, That's right everyone Cure Black and Cure White, along with there new recruit or stand-in Aid Shiny Luminous, Lets talk about the history, Well this Team started in 2004 Futari wa Pretty Cure or simply known to us all as Pretty Cure (PreCure for sort) this was the first series in the Pretty Cure metaseries created by Izumi Todo(Whom has become something of a God of PreCure). The original series, directed by Daisuke Nishio, aired on TV Asahi between February 1, 2004 and January 30, 2005 in the same timeslot as Izumi Todo's previous work Ashita no Nadja. It was the first of the Pretty Cure series to have received an adapted English-language version, Let me explain that more On February 25, 2006, 4Kids Entertainment announced broadcasting and distribution rights for Pretty Cure in the United States, though never produced an English version of it. In July, 2008, Toei Animation began making episodes available through IGN's Direct2Drive service subtitled into English, and have also started making those same episodes available for free internet streaming on the Crunchyroll website. The subtitles were produced by "Nippon Golden Network", a Hawaii-based cable network that broadcasts Asian programming (mostly from Japan). In April 2009, Funimation used to license the English-subtitled version of the series for online distribution on the company's website. The series is currently available for streaming in North America on Crunchyroll and Hulu. The theme song of the English dub is: Together We Are Pretty Cure. An English-dubbed version was produced by Toei and Ocean Productions using their Blue Water studio in Calgary, Alberta which aired on Canada's YTV channel from March 6, 2009 to July 31, 2010. The English dub makes several changes to character names, cultural references and theme music, though mostly retains the original version's main soundtrack. This dub also aired in the United Kingdom on the Pop Girl digital channel from September 6, 2010. The anime later re-aired on TV Asahi's cable channel, TeleAsa Channel 1. (What I think of the Dub.... I didn't think it was that bad, Would have been better then what 4kids would have done.) with the success of the first season A direct sequel, Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, or simply Max Heart, aired in Japan between February 6, 2005 and January 29, 2006. (Unfortunately, This season along with the rest in the future never got dubbed at this point) Hence where we are not Reviewing the first Movie in the Franchise. Now the movie was directed by Atsuji Shimizu, I would look into some of the other things he's done but on Wikipedia, there's not much to look into I'm afraid, But at least we might learn more about them in the future, Now that we have that out of the way, Let's dive into the first Movie Pretty Cure movie that came into existence. We begin our Story in a Dark and wet cave and for some reason a Pirate Ship is in it, (Wait a second, WE FOUND CAPTAIN MORGAN'S SHIP!) No it is home to our Antagonist of the movie the Dark Witch where she is looking into her Crystal ball for something that's interesting catches her eyes, Now she is voiced by Katsuki Masako now this might shock some people... She was the Voice of Sailor Neptune in the original Sailor Moon Series, She explains that she want's the Garden of Hope's Diamond line (Well that gonna cost you a lot) so she sends her minions the Zakenna's (Which the Pretty Cures of the first to seasons would usually fight) Now the opening theme here is from the first season which in this is the Max Heart version, Now to many fans the song is Iconic, How they put the opening in this movie kinda makes it feel like your watching an episode, Now we cut to our main protagonists of this movie and the Show itself let's start with Cure Black real name Nagisa Misumi who is voiced by non other then Yōko Honna whom some of you might know as Rin form xxxHolic, Ere from Oh my Goddess and Chika from The Cat Returns, In the English dub she is named Natalie Blackstone and was voiced by Rocio Barahona She is often known for her catchphrase of yelling "Unbelievable!" (Okey if you seen my other three Precure reviews before, and remember when I call her an Idiot, You must think I flat out dislike Cure Black, Which is not true, I do have some respect for her Character Development but when it comes to her personality... Well, I like to think of her as a special case, That or I like to make jokes about her) and Cure White real name Honoka Yukishiro who is voiced by Yukana who you might remember as Yuri Tanima from Wedding Peach and Mailin Li from Cardcaptor Sakura, In the English dub she is named Hannah Whitehouse and was voiced by Michelle Molineux, I sometimes see her as the Brainy girl to Nagisa's Stronger points like Yin & Yang are eating at Tako Cafe, and Akane Fujita / Alex Fujita who is voiced by Mikako Fujita says that if Nagisa keeps eating so fast and improperly, she'll never find a boyfriend. I'd take her word Nagisa, We wouldn't want your Female figure to go all Donute inside, But Hikari asks if it is Shougo / Shawn... Which makes her head blush, (Don't Hide it from me Nat, I seen the season where your going Red) Hikari Kujo aka Shiny Luminous by the way is voiced by Rie Tanaka who was Mars in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl and Shuri Kurosaki from Asura Cryin' (Good times) It's also not helped when He and his friend Kimata arrive, but is seems they are preparing for a Run... With Nagisa missing her chance to say something to the guy, I sometimes get the idea that she's afraid of boys, , Not sure if it's true or not but I can always speculate, After the boys left, Akane, Hikari, and Honoka were laughing in front of Nagisa, making her feel offended and almost went away, before Honoka noticed a diamond on her neck. Nagisa returned and everyone said it's really pretty. Akane-san said that she gifted this to herself for her birthday. While everyone were looking at the diamond, someone with a brown coat and hat was watching them. (Oh god it the demon creeper from Jeepers Creepers), While the girls and there Fairies Mipple said that she'd like to have one, and Mepple said that he'll definitely give her one someday. (phelous: HAHAHAHAAA HE said Mipple and Mepple HAHAHaaa) They got into love-love mode but suddenly returned to their commune forms, sensing a stalker. It keeps asking if they are really Pretty Cure. The girls were prepared to fight, and that figure kept asking them. Then more voices came from the invisible figure and he took of his coat. It appeared there were many things inside him and they started attacking Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari. The girls transformed into Pretty Cure and Shiny Luminous. And let me tell you something about the Transformation in this, IT's like they have been turned into Metal like the Liquid Metal T-1000 from Terminator 2, Shiny Luminous how ever doesn't have the same idea, But let me tell you something, She is "Life of the Queen" in human form after the Queen got split apart following her last encounter with the Dark King. They defeated those thingsand they reveal there true colours (Phelous: OH DEAR GOD, THE CREEPER IS REALLY THE GREMLINS, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES GIRLS!!! JWB: Noo... It's not the Creeper, It's much worse.) it appeared to be normal frog mascots with elastic arms. Oh god... This are the Courageous frog Warriors of the Garden of Hope. (Which I'm guessing is a Sister Location to the Garden of Light) we have Round I believe is the leader Oval, Heart, Pear, Trilliant, Marquis and.... GRRRR Square AHAHHHHHHHHHHHH They reveal to be that they were testing the Cures because they wanted them to protect their home world, the Garden of Hope. They explained their story about the Dark Witch, trying to thief their precious Diamond Line. Mipple, Mepple, and Pollun said that it's probably something similar to the Garden of Light's Prism Stones. They will help them; however, Hikari notices Akane will be really busy today. Then Honoka's grandma came, and they had to hide everyone in the closet. She asked to take off the laundry because it's going to rain. Sure deal with the Daily tasks first, I'm sure nothing bad will come while Time passes by... Later, the mascots kept asking them to come right now. Pesky little buggers aren't they, They said, that they'll give them charms - the proofs of courageous warriors in the Garden of Hope,, I guess that's the best way of Bribing them into it. So they go off and... It looks like they get encased in a Diamond as well (Phelous: I'm sure they might die due to lack of Oxygen, Knowing there might not be any air holes in them) http://<wbr></wbr><wbr></wbr>t/prettycure/images/c/ce/<wbr></wbr>Goh1.jpg/revision/<wbr></wbr>latest?cb=20150616115347 Is it me or does the Garden of Hope look like a Diamond shaped version of Earth... I'm just saying cause there's some similarities in it. So they land in the most Meateor hitting earth like manner and seems Pretty Cure's Mascots are sleeping, Ahh good they might need the rest. But unfortunately for Pretty Cure... They'll be traveling to where the Frogs will guild them... on foot... (Khadger: Well, the Lang travel on foot might gain them some VP, But they might need some weapons to fight off some enemies along the way), They finally make it to a Castle that... Just an even bigger Diamond then the rest, These Damn frogs are living the dream aren't some enemies along the way), They finally make it to a Castle that... Just an even bigger Diamond then the rest, These Damn frogs are living the dream aren't that's when they meet the Prince... Why... Why is he here? file:///C:/Users/<wbr></wbr>new%20user/Pictures/<wbr></wbr>Saved%20Pictures/<wbr></wbr>Prince_of_Hope.jpg Seriously, The Prince look like Nagisa's Crush, Really what's he even doing here? They also head over to the Fountain of Hope where they are looking at a Frog Statue, I kid you not, It's explained that this is the Guardian God of the Fountain, The Kero Kero God, And gee, I wonder what there Queen will be like, I must question the idea of everything even the buildings being made of a Mineral that's is... harder then glass, the Garden of Hopes must have this very weird Diamond based economy, (Phelous: I can imagine some Pirates and Treasure Hunter's going crazy for this one, Isn't that Right Old Man? WOW This worlds fortune most be higher then my Cousins bank account, Old Mayor, ) So they meet the Queen who Greets them with her Horned Butler What the Damn hell is he? He then gives Pretty Cure the Diamond Line which is just a Necklace Earrings and a Bracelet, So that is what the Dark Witch is after... Not much to see there, Alright, And your entrusting the Girls that are still new to there upgrades season with it, you dumb shit, And the reason why they are entrusting them with them is that they are the Queens B-Day presents, Fare enough... and it gives hope to all the worlds, and if the Diamond Line is stolen, then all the hope is lost and all the worlds (including Garden of Rainbows) will be deserted in darkness, (This is quite a lot to take in so, Please take your time) before the trio agreed to help them. Later, when the mascots told girls about the party, And this is where I point out Why I really hate Square... Because he is the Biggest Ass-hole of the Group, Square opposes the Cures' help, and proves that the warriors should be protecting the Diamond Line, and now walks away. (Phelous: Trust issues much?) Anyway the mascots told girls about the party, and Pollun awakened. He met Marquis and they became friends. Honoka follows to talk with Square, but when they tried talking, And like a Prick he just ran away. And things start to get unsavoury, At the Party Square started making fun of them, that they can't work alone, only by combining their powers. (NEVER INSULT THERE FIGHTING TECHNICKS) Nagisa got furious at him and ran away, which makes Mepple follow her. Nagisa getting pissed like this is like me getting Angry at Square at this point. Don't forget She's bigger then him so She'd squash the Basterd. Then the prince came, and asked, did the witch already came. Honoka lied, that she went to patrol outside. (Okey I know that Telling the Prince on Square's Ass-hole behaviour might discredit him in front of everyone in the Party might make you girls look like bigger Asses, But Lying to the Prince is probably the Worse thing you can do, Have you heard of the Story of the Boy who cried Wolf, I though you where smarter then this Honoka?) Meanwhile, everything started and the Queen came out wearing the Diamond Line. She blessed the diamonds of the citizens, and went outside. Until.... Dark Witch Finally shows up to interrupted the celebration and begins to attack with her Zakenna, formed into a pirate ship. (Well gotta hand it to her, She is quiet creative) The knights tried battling her, and she transformed front of her ship to shark Zakenna. Without Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari could just watch. Then Hikari transformed to Luminous to fight until Nagisa comes, (Blame Square for making her Run off) but she was beaten by one shot... The witch triumphantly stole the Diamond Line from the Queen, According to the Dark Witch, she is one of the servants of the Dusk Zone, and her goal is to resurrect the Dark King with the Diamond Line, (Okey, Now I must say something about the Dark Witch's design, Abit alright but All I have to say Yish to that Hair do, Did Taz do his Spinning on there head?) since all the world will be imbalanced. Luminous halted her, but the witch knock her unconscious. Nagisa finally arrived to transform to Pretty Cure. (Nagisa: Sorry sorry, I was late, I had some minor Traffic involving Party people to deal with. Honoka: Ohh That's okey, Traffic Jams involving running crowds are hectic at times.) They tried fighting back, but they become flimsy, before the Dark Witch disappears. (Well that didn't go so well) Everyone, especially Square, blamed Black, (WOW, Not even the slightest amount of Remorse from the Blue Frog, And Admits that he was right without even acknowledging the whole they can't transform without the other SQUARE YOU F%$@ING MISRABLE FROG OF HATE!!!!!!, The Beast was at least was a sympathetic character when you get to know him more in Beauty and the Beast. And why are the rest of you Blaming Nagisa for this little Defeat you Dumb shits?) but Mipple and Mepple defend her. Sadly enough, Black just apologized to everyone and went away crying. So the just asked these girls to protect the Diamond Line without getting information about this Pretty Cure Group, That's abit rushed don't you think? Loo I admit, Maybe they screw up abit... on some occasions, But was this really necessary? This just pits some of the fairies as Sort-sighted Arrogant little Ass-hats that would kick anyone that screws up some of the most simplest tasks, Which is... Wrong And... I fell sorry for Cure Black in this, I don't blame her for being late for the battle, If Square had kept his Frogy mouth shut, Then the Out come would have been different, After the prince talks to Black and giving her his Badge of a Warrior, Then Black was walking the hall when White called her. They decided to go and take back the bracelet. Everyone (except Square, who was still thinking of them as burdens) (JWB: Square just shut the f#@$ up! Phelous: And I though Toad was annoying) seemed to be forgiven Black. Without the Diamond Line, the Fountain of Hope started parching, and the Garden of Hope started being wrecked too. Then everyone flied to the place where the witch is with the same spell. The prince tried to follow them, but he couldn't travel without his charm. (Then Why didn't you have another one in your Room... The People of the Garden of Hope are ether crazy or Just Stupid?) So they make it to the Ship Graveyard and... It seems she's been gathering a lot of Ships, I'm not impressed, I mean where's the Titanic? until the bat Zakenna broke the diamond, making them fall. White had to save Black from falling, because she can't swim. (Really Cure Black, You can't swim, Haven't you taken Swimming classes at school Nat?) While the battle goes on the Dark Witch decides Hay I want to fight Pretty Cure to. she prepares to battle the Cures. Square tries punching her with his elastic abilities, but she moved quickly and used a move on Square. YAY the Ass-holes got what he desearved, Pretty Cures decided to use Marble Screw Max, but the witch dodged the move with her gigantic dark element. Now, every ship was set ablaze. (JWB: Phelous, Just how powerful is this Witch? Phelous: It's Over 9000!!! JWB: WHAT 9000?) Anyway The girls tried to save everyone, but Marquis was missing, and Round finds his torn cape. Square blamed Pretty Cure,(IT WAS THE WITCHES FAULT YOU WALKING BLUE MISTAKE OF NATURE!!! I'm this close to ringing that Frogy neck of yours) but everyone else said, that it was the witch's fault. Then the charms reacted to the bracelet in order to discover Marquis. Well that's useful, So The Cures fight against the bats to proceeded to the witch and steal the ball from the Dark Witch. Pretty Cure were battling the witch, while the mascots carried the bracelet into the Garden of Hope, and started carrying it to the palace. While Battling Cure Black just remembered something, that today is a sale at chocolate store, and because of that witch she won't get in time to buy them (Cure Black, that's not important to this plot, though... Idiot!). But To the Girls credit there Fighting stills are kinda fast pace (Phelous: JWB, What's the status on Pretty Cures Powers? JWB: It's over 8000!! Phelous: 8000... That's not to bad) but she fired her move right in front of the girls' faces, making them collapse. Then Marquis came out of the ship to the Black, and the witch flew back to the castle to take back the bracelet. Well at least the Prince is Helping the Frogs take the bracelet to the Castle, Marquis cried of Pretty Cure. He said the spell, but nothing happened. (Holy shit are they really dead?) He started crying again, but the charm the prince gave to Black reacted. Trouble comes when The witch sent her bat Zakenna to fight the frog mascots, while she herself headed to palace. Prince and Hikari got to the palace, but the witch quickly appears. Prince tried battling the witch with his sword, but he was trembling, (Phelous: You know the Prince is bit of a weak moron isn't he?) even though he faces his fear. The Dark Witch fired at the prince, but Hikari sacrificed herself, and passes out. (NOT AGAIN, I'm getting the idea that She's not the most useful without her fellow Cures) Then Black and White got mad and stood to fight. (Ohh shits going down now!) The witch summoned dozen of bat Zakennas, and Black and White defeated them with one blast. (JWB: Phelous... What are the readings now? Phelous: T.t...t... 10'000!!!!!!!) Alright it's the final level and The witch transformed to her true form and started attacking cures. The girls were weak, but they still stood. White said, that for them to losing is "Really unbelievable". (Cure Black Hey!! That's my line! Cure White: Ohh Sorry, I couldn't think of anything else to say) The Queen now regenerates and commands everyone to give their powers to the girls. They have to believe in the cures and the diamonds. Everyone stood in circle around the cures, and gave them powers. Hikari woke up being transformed to Luminous. The Dark Witch summons her attack at everyone, but Square sacrificed himself barely to deny the attack. Ahh that was pretty Noble of him to Sacrifice his own existence for there's, Maybe he's learned something from this... But then again... Maybe not. Everyone, including Square, gave the girls their charms. They transformed into golden versions, and have the ability to fly and were too fast for the witch. allowing Pretty Cure to defeat the Witch for good... Okay there golden forms are nothing special in my opinion, Just gold versions of there Precure cloths with some extra features, At least it's not as stupid at Power Ranger's Metallic Armour that's really Glitter. The Garden of Hope and the Fountain of Hope reverted to normal. After a really tearful goodbye (With the Acceptation of Square having al little bit of Character Development), the girls returned back to their home. with Square in tears, (JWB: Ahh I love the sound of a Crying Ass-hole, What about you Phelan? Phelous: Yes, Feed me your tears you little Basterd Hahahahaa) And so this Movie ends with Hikari came back, Akane said that it's still her break. Honoka worried, that she didn't took off the laundry her grandma mentioned earlier. Then Nagisa saw a frog outside. Honoka claims that it's the Kero Kero God. The girls decided to try flying just the 2 of them, but nothing happened, reminding this playfully. Not sure that's how the Frog God works but that's gonna be something I'll have to accept without question, So Phelous did we learn something from this? that WE HATE THIS MOVIE COMPLETELY!!!!! Okey Truth be told, We didn't hate it completely, It was... Okey for Pretty Cures first outing into movies, It's by all means not perfect, But it's enjoyable but Frustrating in places, Feels like it could have been a Movie that would Bridge the First season and the Second season, But it's alright, The Animation is okey for the most part, Probably the same budget as the show, Funny because this feels like a three part Episode, So I give this first Pretty Cure movie 7 out of 10, Also Square is an Idiotic and Untrusting Ass-hole, The other Frogs should have killed him for being this stupid, (But then Phelous and JWB see Square Hungged and such image shocked the two Reviewers) Ohh I guess we get the pleasure of Ghostbusting Square now... Man this is bad... Hope Sam & Max don't bust me for Murdering a Frog Mascot. Cure White: Turns out Being Murdered did not help Squares position as Guardian at all, He was replaced by an Old Man. Old-Man: Haha, Now I'm the Guardian of the Garden of.... What ever this place is<wbr></wbr>watch?v=CxlBmJdtMVA. 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