Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

Alt title: Poyopoyo

TV (52 eps x 3 min)
3.885 out of 5 from 1,206 votes
Rank #1,725

It's a basketball! It's a melon! It's… Poyo the cat?! After drunkenly stumbling across the bulbous, cuddly creature on the street one day, Moe Satou decides to bring the stray home and keep him in the house as a family pet. Whether he's lounging around or bringing snacks to the other strays in the neighborhood, Poyo is always getting into a variety of misadventures with his new owners and friends, including the lovable neighbor cat Kurobe, doting father Shigeru and a host of kittens.

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All About Maru the Cat... image

Episode 1

All About Maru the Cat...

Forever With the Sphere image

Episode 2

Forever With the Sphere

The Sphere and Kuro image

Episode 3

The Sphere and Kuro

The Sphere's Three Neighbors image

Episode 4

The Sphere's Three Neighbors

Come In, Sphere image

Episode 5

Come In, Sphere

When With a Sphere, Do as the Sphere Does! image

Episode 6

When With a Sphere, Do as the Sphere Does!

Snow Falling on Spheres image

Episode 7

Snow Falling on Spheres

Come, Sphere image

Episode 8

Come, Sphere

The Sphere Has Been Waiting for You image

Episode 9

The Sphere Has Been Waiting for You

The Sphere Stood Up image

Episode 10

The Sphere Stood Up

The Sphere is Nice and Warm image

Episode 11

The Sphere is Nice and Warm

The Season of the Sphere image

Episode 12

The Season of the Sphere

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mangalife100's avatar
mangalife100 Mar 26, 2013
Score 7.5/10

A round ball of fluffy adorableness is what you need to expect from watching Poyo's adventures. It goes along the lines of Chi's sweet home, with the same laughs and cuteness overload nosebleeds you may receive. Like Chi's Sweet Home, there are a lot of episodes, but each one is only three minutes long, including the short, 30-second cutsey opening. The key word here is, if you haven't got it yet, cute... read more

timendirk's avatar
timendirk Jan 13, 2019
Score 9/10

A cute anime about a ball....that's a cat........okidoki read more

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  • Vol: 6
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