Power of Hope: PreCure Full Bloom

Alt title: Kibo no Chikara: Otona Precure 23

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2023
3.515 out of 5 from 112 votes
Rank #5,922
Power of Hope: PreCure Full Bloom

Project aimed at grown-up fans which will depict Yumehara Nozomi and other characters from Yes! Precure 5 and Yes! Precure 5 GoGo! as grown-ups.

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The Power of Hope (Kibou no Chickara) is a special Pretty Cure production combining the animators of Studio DEEN and Toei to commemorate twenty years of the Precure franchise ... and to sell a very crucial point:  environmental responsibility.  More on this factor in a bit. The plot:  the dark angel Bell is outraged at the irresponsible treatment of her beloved city, the very city of Nozomi and her Yes! Precure Five cohorts (and apparently the same digs of teams Splash Star and Maxheart).  In short, Kibou no Chickara is a reunion piece to celebrate the beginnings, the first eleven cure to unite to battle the scourge.  In this case, one misguided angel with humongous anger issues. The Yes! team is presented as suggested in the original series that ran from 2007-2009.  Now ten years older than their former selves, Nozomi (C. Dream) has become a teacher, Rin (C. Rouge) a jewelry designer, Urara (C. Lemonade) a starlet on the rise of her career (maybe), Komachi (C. Mint) a writer and supporter of the local shopping district, and Karen (C. Agua) a doctor.  Ah yes, Kurumi (Milky Rose) is trying her hand being a human as a secretary, though we know she is capable of more.  Their future dreams fulfilled (and remember, dreams were the theme of the Yes! seasons), there are new futures to protect.  The city in which all live is slowly sliding into eco-chaos as a majority of the citizens don't give a hang and litter, pollute, and simply violate nature.  And the angel of the local bell tower, Bell, has launched a war of revenge, using the shadows of irresponsible litterbugs to create a massive force of retribution, which over the episodes morphs from human to animal to monstrosity.  Enter Saki Hyuuga (C. Bloom) and Mai Mishou (C. Egret) of Splash Star who have achieved their dreams of being a baker and artist/designer.  Then, in the final battle episodes, to balance out the sides, bring on Nagisa Misumi (C. Black), Honoka Yurishiro (C. White), and Hikari Kujou (Shiny Luminous).  In short, the first five years are represented. And not just the cures.  Former nemeses Bunbee and the Kiryuu sisters Kaoru and Mishiru show up.  Former love interests/lords of the Palmer Kingdom Coco, Nutts, and Syrup take up roles.  Honoka's grandmother gets lines.  In essence Kibou no Chickara is the epitome of the first rough years of the franchise finding its way from hand-holding powerhouses to units of budding friendships which steered the Pretty Cure course for twenty years. The plot remained predictable as it took its environmentalist theme full bore ... the dangers of climate change.  With no regard between the distinctions of climate change catastrophism and phenomenalism (climate change as repeating cycles traceable to millennia ... those folks written off as 'deniers' though they also have recourse to the same scientific data), the thrust is the failure to maintain the 'reduce, reuse, recycle mentality (which some claim was never lost, and resent the fear-mongering).  The crisis is simplistic as the solution remains consistent ... the need for people to get involved.  Kibou even suggests the best path to do this. This is tailor-fitted to the Pretty Cure mindset, refuse to give up, persevere, and never lose hope. The animation proves what twenty years of technological advancement can do to magic girls ... with one negative.  The transformation sequences are straight from the 2005-2009 seasons.  No watching 23-year old Nozomi relapse to her fourteen year magic girl persona followed by an updated CGI version of 'metamorphose!'  Sometimes nostalgia is great, and sometimes it can be a drag on the progress Toei has made in their projects.  The music is typical Precure fare, soft, soapy, and somewhat lacking in the 'memorable' category. It all leads me to wonder ... will there be reunion pieces for the Fresh to Smile teams?  The Dokidoki to the Hugtto! ensembles.  A late-breaking extravaganza featuring anything from Star Twinkle to Hirogaru Sky!  For Pretty Cure fans in general, such tributes would be longed for, but can there be a twenty year burn-out?

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