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One day, the typical Sunao Moriyama found something not-so-typical in his refrigerator: a small creature between the potatoes and mayonnaise that he dubs Potemayo! Sunao decides to take care of Potemayo and takes her with him everywhere he goes, and as a result Potemayo quickly becomes popular with Sunao's classmates. However, the tranquility of the new friendship is broken with the arrival of another creature from Sunao's fridge – this time a scythe-wielding laser-shooting horned creature he dubs Guchuko. Now, every day brings new adventures and surprises with Potemayo and Guchuko around!

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RazzleBerry Aug 3, 2011
Score 9/10

Story Potemayo has an ubber basic story every episode with a few exceptions stands alone Suano goes through his regular life which mostly involves going to school with potemayo who do to her infantile curiosity usually causes some sort of commotion and Suano usually is there waiting for her to learn and comfort her when she needs it most of the things that happen resolve themselves by the end of the episode... read more

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roriconfan Aug 17, 2012
Score 6/10

What a surprise. I hardly like storyless anime, especially those done by this particular studio, but here we an exception.

- Animation is done by J.C. Staff, which means it will be mostly fan service with rather good production values. In this case it had some depth though.
- Directing is done by Ikehata Takashi, who outside of this and the first season of Genshiken has... read more

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