Porco Rosso

Alt title: Kurenai no Buta

Movie (1 ep x 93 min)
3.941 out of 5 from 13,612 votes
Rank #1,287

Many years ago, sea plane pilot Marco Paggot was placed under a curse which transformed his face into that of a pig. Now, he lives a solitary life as the renowned Porco Rosso and rules the skies of the Adriatic protecting civilians from sea plane pirates. One day however, Marco meets an ace American fighter pilot, Donald Curtis, and the pair immediately clash leaving his plane a wreck. But when Curtis discovers that Marco survived his previous attack, he’s determined to have his victory and makes the gruff pilot an offer he can’t refuse…

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Porco Rosso!!!!! as guessed from the name, based around Italy/ the adriatcic sea, based around sea planes/ aviatyion, etc - Il'l admit i actually got this a few months back, but hadnt watched it till now, mostly because i hadn't heard much about it other than brief plots and some reccomendations, but i can defs say this is one of the most underrated Ghilbi films, and i enjoyed it as much as Spirited away, howls moving castle, and princess monoke! ;D Story Real old school story, a lot of it imo is really open to interpretation, and even at the end some things arent really answered (or answered clearly enough to get the first time around) defs one to watch at least twice ;) Without spoilers....basicially revolves around a man turned into a pig, working as a sea pirate bounty hunter, most of it based on the sea, dog fights, and aviation scenes, and his relationship with gina the sea restraunt owner, which goes deeper than it first seems also a lot of aviation scenes/"dogfights" and he also visits milan  for a short while where he meets theo (KAWAII!!!!) , who joins him for most of the movie ;) anyway spoilers being spoilers cant reveal too much ;) Animation Again, mostly based on the sea, the Adriatic, and some parts in italy, has a real european/"old school" feel to it, animation in line with pretty much everything back then in the 90s'? not exactly sure but yeah still pretty good :D love the settings :D and then also saw the "engine scene" which i now know where the recent movie "Redline" was influenced from ;) Sound definately fits the part 100% - great music, but just nothing that really "grabs you" ( e.g. compared to spirited away's themes ) still, not taking anyting away from the music - Great themes :D EDIT: gonna go back here ;) after rewatching porco like 3 times over already, and downloading few of the songs, gotta admit theyve grown on me ;D love 'toko ni wa' ;D and the french song sung by gina ;D so upgrading sound to 10 ;) Charachters 10 all round imo ;) every charachter serves thier purpose, whearther its the simple, comedic, funny sea pirates, or the in depth and complicated relationship between gina and porco, or just the cuteness and straightforwardness of theo ;) every chatachter does thier bit perfectly ;D Overall 9.5/10 - Great movie, enjoyed it heaps ;D if your a fan of old school stuff, italian/european settings, action, etc, then youl'l definately enjoy it ;) defs one to watch a few times over ;)

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