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Imagine a mansion with a Christmas goods shop that appears out of nowhere, housing three beautiful sisters and a robot maid, all with very different personalities and figures. These sisters are looking for information that they can only acquire from "popotan," their term for dandelion flowers. After acquiring a hint of this information, the mansion and the girls vanish. Their travels take them through many places, and they meet a varied cast of characters during their quest, but what exactly is this information they're searching for so desperately?

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Dralha Nov 12, 2009
Score 9/10

A quirky ecchi comedy involving three sisters and a robot maid who live in a house that magically transports from place to place. They're searching for someone, and they have to talk to "popotan" (i.e. dandelions) to find clues as to the person's identity and location. Sounds silly, but this was actually a very good tale that blended in some good drama with the laughs. read more

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galacticdude7 May 28, 2011
Score 5/10

-Story- My main quarrell with the story of Popotan is that it has an extremely slow start in my book. I felt that the series didn't really get interesting until around episode 6, which is about half-way through the series. Also for a show that claims to be a comedy, I did not find it very funny. Most of the "jokes" were about the breast sizes of the various characters, and they all fell flat (no pun... read more



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