Popolocrois Monogatari

TV (25 eps)
1998 - 1999
Fall 1998
3.426 out of 5 from 111 votes
Rank #4,140

The young prince Pietro of PopoloCrois and his forest witch friend Narcia are playing one day when GamiGami Maou – the self-proclaimed arch nemesis of Pietro – initiates a scheme to take over the kingdom. When his plan to switch his castle with that of PopoloCrois backfires, it creates an explosion in the middle of the forest. Amongst the debris, Pietro and Narcia stumble across a young girl, though before they can find out who she is, GamiGami Maou attacks them! Luckily, the power of the dragon blood within Pietro saves them and they are able to restore the forest to its original state before returning home. They later find out that the mysterious girl is named Hyuu and she is one of the wind-kind, a race that died out many years ago. With very few memories of her previous life remaining, Hyuu and Pietro are determined to discover the truth behind the fate of Hyuu’s people, and find a way for her to return to her own time.

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