Pop Team Epic

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Pipimi and Popuko are two typical 14-year-old girls with endless energy. Together, the two become the stuff of memes by having shootouts in space, traversing video game worlds, stealing an umbrella from [redacted], or other spastic misadventures.

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You're the Only One I'm Telling! image

Episode 1

You're the Only One I'm Telling!

Vanver - A Game in Another Dimension image

Episode 2

Vanver - A Game in Another Dimension

The Documentary image

Episode 3

The Documentary

SWGP 2018 image

Episode 4

SWGP 2018

 Donca * Sis image

Episode 5

Donca * Sis

The 30th Cyber War image

Episode 6

The 30th Cyber War

Hellshake Yano image

Episode 7

Hellshake Yano

The Dragon of Iidabashi Pipi's Revenge image

Episode 8

The Dragon of Iidabashi Pipi's Revenge

Dancing with a Miracle image

Episode 9

Dancing with a Miracle

Ginza Hostess Detective image

Episode 10

Ginza Hostess Detective

Cursed Mansion image

Episode 11

Cursed Mansion

The Age of Pop Team Epic image

Episode 12

The Age of Pop Team Epic

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TurkeyGami's avatar
TurkeyGami Mar 24, 2018
Score 7/10

Dankfest Central Memecenter EXTREME. Welcome to the dankest shiznit you've ever seen in your fucking life. Pop Team Epic is so memetically sublime it will blow you out of your fucking seat with how shittily cancerously dank it is. If you had an entire room of weed-smoking call of duty playing hipster meme-account runners they still wouldn't be as dank as Pop Team Epic. These motherfuckers know what's up. This... read more

ClubFoot's avatar
ClubFoot Jun 19, 2018
Score 7/10

The man, the myth, the legend, the true art of Pop Team Epic or Poputepipikku. This is an anime that changed the internet for a long time, changed something that was mistaken in anime, and made the internet love this anime. Nothing else, it's about shitpost and meme which be the one thing that internet love, one thing that everybody cannot wait for the first episode, and one thing that make some different... read more

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