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Nov 10, 2013

Pokemon XY, whilst not being totally dissimilar from the seasons before it, i consider it much better.  Be awere that my opinion could be different than it could be due to the fact i watched the previous seasons in english dubbed done terribly, and im watching XY in eng subbed.  This may make my judgement a little innacurate.  If you think so, comment below and i'll be glad to hear your opinion.

The story has not had enough episodes to develop yet, so i may fill this in on a later date, but it looks somewhat hopeful.

The best thng about this anime is, as i must say, its new cinematography.  I think that its amazing, and that the pokemon themselves have realistic movements, and the different angles and perspectives used, especially in pokemon battles are superb.  This is a massive improvement to the anime, and i must say is really unique.  It captures angles well, and is perfect for showing the action.  It's actually got some of the best cinematography i've seen, as it is very active and does well in this anime.  Again, one of the best things about the anime. Easily 9.5/10

The sound is again good.  It's personally nothing too great, but it isn't bad either.  The pokemon sounds though are really nice, although they still are restricted to saying their names.  The voice acting is nothing special, and is not that great, and some of the characters play there roles too much.  Not all, just some.  I cannot really give examples, due to not having much of a developed opinion on the voices yet, since i don't nearly know enough about the main characters (character development hasn't really happened much due to so few episodes) to comment if the voices really suit them yet.  The sound effects though are quite good, and match the scene well.  Therefore 8 out of ten, altough maybe a too much, but 7.5 didn't seem right.

The charatcers may not be great, but they are a massive improvement.  So far, the charatcer development has been done on Satoshi (Ash), and a little bit on the sister.  I personally have much more respect for Ash in this season, because it shows clearly his care for pokemon, and it's not too out of place since the pokemon do act somewhat intellegent, and can clearly understand what people say, so of course Ash would become legitimate friend with them, and care about them like he would do a human.  Also, Ash seems a lot smarter now.  Before he was an idiot, so much so that in a gym match he only brought 1 pokemon against 3, and he did that because that one pokemon was his stratagy.  It was his stratagy because it had a type advantage.  Now, he is clearly a much smarter character, and i can't really explain it well, so if you're curious, watch the anime. Team rocket though are still pretty lame, but i can see why they're even still here, bacause they give a reason for a battle to start, anywhere anytime.  They're still lame though, and it would be nice to see the protagonists beat people who at least have dignity...

Oh yeah, something i forgot.  There is something strange going on.  Ash actually has a past with someone!  Yes, you read right, Ash was a child and has a childhood friend!  They're obviously going to develop this, but i just wanted to say this because its an example of some of the good writing they're doing.  They're giving a backstory?  Only anime that are at least worthy of being called decent do that!  What does it mean?  Well, it means that there will be a proper story (like each episode actually having a meaning, rather than just some action happening between a gym battle) , more propper character development, and is a concequence of good, thoughtful writing used to make a good anime.  Hopefully now you understand why I gave 8/10, as the characters aren't written the best ever, but they're pretty darn decent and are actually as well developed and written as many other anime, and although a little patchy, looks hopeful.

Overall, the anime is interesting, the characters are connectable and strangly enough, i am actuall interested in what will happen next episode, because the writing is good, they're using many techniques that are what makes a good anime, and is not just a goofy kids show that is just there to promote the game, but they actually are trying to make it something people what to watch, and if you have seen pokemon the origin, than you can see many similarities between the two, which is obviously dues to the origin beeing popular, especially amoung fans.  Whilst the nime isn't amazingly written, it is taking care with what it's doing, and with an already interesting idea (pokemon btw), it is enjoyable and worth watching, but not that good because the writing isn't that neat yet, and in some areas still childish, but it's fixed many problems with the anime and i enjoy watching it more.  But don't pin your hopes up, because it isn't revolutionary for pokemon, just they've made it better and many faults are still there.  The main difference is, you can see care has gone into it.

Thankyou for reading, and if you have anything you want to say, please don't be shy and leave a comment.  I'd love to hear your opinions and if you have anything you want to say, please do.  Id also like some constructive critisism, but please nothing without reason, as i'd most likely take that as offence, which i'm not trying to inflict on you, so please don't inflict on me.  Also if there is any way of improving my review, please say so, as i'd love some advise since this is my secound review.

?/10 story
9.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Mar 12, 2019

SPOILER WARNING I'm one of the few people that hate this series, but I have a good reason. The show itself wasnt bad actually, the animation and sound was amazing the characters were unique and intresting except for one. Serena just ruined the whole show for me, she was just made for fan service and to have a crush on the main protagonist. At first I thought her crush was cute but after 93 episodes of this pointless blushing and fangirling, I got bored of it and it actually started annoyed me. The company that made this show obviously just wanted some quick money since the whole show was wasted on this crush. EVERY SINGLE EPISODE was filled with 'I hope senpai notices me' and 'im sure my senpai loves me' to the point where I thought Serena was some creepy yandere since the whole reason she started her pokemon quest to be with a guy she met and interacted with for 5 minites when she was 5 years old. If Serena wasnt in this show, I would give it a 10/10

4/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Apr 25, 2020

I am Japanese I think there is something wrong because I use translation. As you can see, I wrote the review, but it seems that Peacock seems to be good, so to tell the truth, I would like you to watch the first episode rather than read the review. And if you feel that it is "interesting" or "something different than before", please skip to episode 7 and watch it. (At the end of the review, I wrote an advice (?) For those who are thinking of watching the whole story, so please see only that if you like)

I used to watch AG, DP and BW until the beginning, but I wasn't an enthusiastic fan, but rather because I was watching because I was broadcasting when I turned on TV at dinner time. With the 20th anniversary movie version "Kimi ni Kimita!" As a kick, I think that even someone like me who had somehow watched past works may be interested in recent Pokemon, so if this is the case, I want to recommend the XY series, so I will post a review.

By the way, the reason why the title was "For those who were watching Pokemon a long time ago" is because this work is the culmination of Satoshi's journey, but another reason was when I was watching I felt that the target age group was clearly higher than that of Pokemon. Of course, I think that it can be enjoyed even by younger people, but it is probably that "people who have become older to some extent (more than junior high school students? = People who used to watch Pokemon in the old days) can fully enjoy the charm of this work" I think

As with other people, the script, drawing, camera work, direction, and music are all wonderful in this XY series, and I am impressed by the high quality of the work and the enthusiasm of the staff, but above all What impressed me, however, was that the story started when Satoshi grew up.

Satoshi of AG / DP often felt emotional and had a childish impression. However, Satoshi of XY is pure, hot and straight, and the human nature, skill as a trainer, knowledge, and tactics have already grown through the journey of the past work, and everyone's admiration. Those who have watched past works will surely be impressed by the courageous appearance of Satoshi who has grown up.

I was also impressed by the power up of the familiar rocket team. In AG / DP, it was the impression that the formation was often reversed, but in this work, it became more and more competitive and sticky to some extent (especially strong sonance!). The customary mechanism has a function and design that are well thought out. In addition, I was impressed by the fact that there are times when I become very clever in my daily routine. And even though I didn't think about it in the old days, Megumi Hayashibara and Shinichiro Miki's slightly runaway enthusiasm is very interesting.

And Takeshi also wants to say, but those who have been watching the DP up to the final episode have left, as you know, so unfortunately it will not appear in this work. However, the members of the XY party are wonderful, so I will briefly introduce them.

First of all, for the heroine Serena, she left the house for reasons such as "I want to meet Satoshi who helped me when I was young" and "I want to escape from the practice of the Psyhorn Racer", she was empty and dreamed of being a Pokemon performer through the journey. It is carefully drawn to find the goal of Karos Queen and to help and grow with the Pokemon. Serena is a highlight of this work, so I will refrain from spoiling any more, but she often talks about her appearance and romantic comedy description with Satoshi, but it is just a part of the charm I want to keep it.

Next is Citron & Eureka. The interaction between my brother Citron, who is a little unreliable, and his symmetrical sister, Yurika, who is well-established, has a good tempo and creates a peaceful atmosphere of the work. The series of inventions of Citron (Citronic Gear) is one of the highlights of this classic work. Also, Eureka's Sylvepre (nampa for her brother) is cute and funny. Also, the depth of love between the two brothers and sisters is sometimes drawn, which makes me feel warm.

The story is a little off the mark, but this XY series is the culmination of Satoshi's journey. However, even if you don't worry, "I may not enjoy it because I last saw Pokemon long ago," "I don't know about new Pokemon or Megasinka, so I can't keep up with the current Pokemon." It's okay. As in the past, Satoshi, Pikachu, and rocket groups will be there, so if you have a piece called Pokemon engraved somewhere in your life, you will surely be able to smoothly enter the Pokemon world as a continuation of that journey. It should be possible. Please enjoy the Karos journey.

7/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Jan 8, 2017

Since 2009, I haven't watched Pokemon for a while. The last Pokemon I watched was Diamond and Pearl series. I have watched Pokemon since I was a kid, although there were some episodes I watched and some I didn't watch. In 2016, I went back to Pokemon since I really liked it. I watched some parts of the Best Wishes series and watched four full episodes of it, but I never finished much of it. I saw some parts of the XY series and some full episodes, I really liked it so I decided to watch all of the XY series full episodes and it was great. I watch the Pokemon series in English Dub.

The XY series is the best Pokemon series to watch because of the adventues and the characters. Seeing Mega Evolution is very fantastic, although the Bond Phenomenon is the best with Ash and Greninja becoming one known as Ash-Greninja. Serena who is a childhood friend of Ash is a great character, she does fit the role of becoming Ash's girlfriend and his wife. Also, she has a crush on Ash. The saddest moments are saying goodbye to Greninja and the XY group. I hope Ash sees them again soon in the future seasons. It's surprising that Serena kissed Ash in the XY finale to have him realise she loves him, I believe Ash smiling at Serena would mean that he loves her as well. Greninja and Serena are destined to become part of Ash's live. Even though XY has eneded, it is just the beginning of Ash falling in love. It is suprising that there were two female friends who traveled with Ash and that he has another male friend. Clemont, Serena, and Bonnie were the greatest friends Ash has ever had. I do miss Brock, but he has to study hard to become a Pokemon Doctor, I hope he sees Ash again. I wished the two special episodes would be aired in English Dub. I wished Greninja didn't have to be released. I know Goodra had to be released to be with his friends. I'm shocked that the XY series would be the last to be aired on Cartoon Network and that Pokemon will be moved to Disney XD.

I always believed that Ash would fall in love with May or Dawn because they were amazing. I never believed that Misty or Iris would be the one for Ash. Serena is the winner after all and that Amourshipping has come a canon. Looks like Ash and Serena would become a couple when the time comes.

Looks like all the female friends, Ash has argued with during the journey were all childish. Serena and Bonnie are the only two who he never argued with even though Bonnie is not a Pokemon Trainner. There was one argument that Ash had with Serena which was serious, when Ash lost to Wulfric, the eighth and final gym leader of Kalso, he was having some doubts and Serena tried to cheer him up, but Ash lashed at her, so she threw snowballs at him to get him back his senses and walked away. Ash was guilty for lashing at Serena, later got his senses back, and was able to master Ash-Greninja with Greninja in order to save Pokemon from being in danger. Later, the two reunited with Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie including Pikachu and their own Pokemon. Ash apologized to everyone and Greninja for worrying them so much. He even apologized to Serena for lashing at her and she forgave, she wanted to apologize to Ash for throwing snowballs at him, but he told her that the words she said to him got him back to his senses and two days later, Ash won his eighth and final gym badage.

For the record, it is about time Ash got kissed.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Oct 29, 2016


Heads up: This is not a review for just the first season of XY; it's a full review for all of XY.


Pokemon XY has done the impossible for me. It has somehow reignited the fire inside me for watching Pokemon. Once the Diamond and Pearl episodes were finished, I lost pretty much all desire to watch anything Pokemon related (since the Pokemon Adventures manga is 10000x better). What got me back into Pokemon though was the sheer amount of reputable YouTubers stating that “Pokemon is back!”

Story: 7/10

Got to say, I was not expecting to be drawn in by the story of these new seasons. I had watched a small bit of Best Wishes! which made me want to gouge my eyes and ears out. I was expecting sort of the same with XY but I was pleasantly surprised at what I ended up seeing. I think the inclusion of Serena was the reason why I was so invested in this season. She had the fire of May and the Charm of Dawn (two things that really has not been present in a character of Pokemon). The show did a great job of pointing out that the show isn't just about Ash; it's about all the supporting cast. The best part of the show though is by far the ending. The stuff revolving around the Pokemon League is top notch and that ending...dat a boy. The only thing that has me worried about the ending to the show is of course what we have been shown so far for the next season...ugh.

Animation: 8.5/10

This is the best that Pokemon has ever looked. The dialogue scenes still look a little stiff but those battle scenes...omg dude. The battles take on a whole new level of quality and polish that I did not expect to see in Pokemon (or a fair number of other long running shows). The characters look pretty good even it Ash still looks like he 10. I was also impressed by a fair number of the background shots in the show. This region looks very lush and detailed. It is such a shame that the newest season of Pokemon is going to change the animation and artstyle so drastically. I feel like what was done in this season was the best compromise that could had been achieved for Pokemon.

Sound: 5/10

To this day I do not understand why they push the voices so fucking loud in the overall mix. Ever since Best Wishes the characters just sound so loud. It is so detrimental that I had a hard time marathoning the show due to getting actual headaches from watching it. Ash and Bonnie were the worst offenders here, just tone it down a little bit please. The music is pretty good but the show suffers from that long season blues which is recycling music over and over again.

Characters: 8/10

It's a mixed bag here. Ash is still annoying as hell due to how oblivious he is. Bonnie I want to fall off of a cliff. Her brother Clemont is annoying but provides a lot of great scenes later on. The champion of the show though is of course Serena. She is probably the most fleshed out main character I have seen thus far in Pokemon. She has desires, past memories that shape who she is, and isn't the typical 100% always happy female lead that's just there to get the man guy going. I think it was brilliant to include the backstory of her having respect for Ash from such a young age. When she sees Ash again for the first time in years, I genuinely starting giggling like a school girl. She is the best part of this series and I really wish she would pull a Brock and stick around for multiple zones. Seeing her descend down that escalator in her final scene (how about that scene though :O) was truly heart breaking.

Overall: 7.1/10

Pokemon is absolutely back. This season was by far the best I had seen for a long time (still not Indigo level but it was close at some points). I strongly recommend you follow this list in order to cut down on unnecessary filler episodes. It will make the watching experience much better. If you were like me and thought Pokemon was just not worth the effort any longer then please give this one a shot. It genuinely had me on my toes in many situations.

Enjoyment: 8.9/10

Thanks for reading my review! If you liked my writing style, would like to see some other reviews, or just want to talk, please stop by my page!

Awesome Drummer

7/10 story
8.5/10 animation
5/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.1/10 overall
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