Pokemon XY&Z: Subete no Nazo wo Tokiakase!

TV Special (1 ep x 51 min)
2.747 out of 5 from 109 votes
Rank #7,605
Pokemon XY&Z: Subete no Nazo wo Tokiakase!

The second half of the special will look back at the Pokémon XY & Z series so far and provide a complete explanation of "all the mysteries" in the show, including: the secret that Zygarde hides, the goal of Alain and Team Flare, and the strange phenomenon that only seems to happen to Ash and his Greninja. The second half will also preview what will happen in the future of the series, including Ash vs. Alain, Team Rocket vs. Team Flare, and Serena taking on the Pokémon Showcase

Source: ANN

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