Pokemon: The Origin

Alt title: Pokemon Origins

TV Special (4 eps)
4.244 out of 5 from 7,480 votes
Rank #583

The world of Pokemon is vast and all trainers, including the ever-eager Red, have their beginnings. Tasked by Pokemon Researcher Professor Oak with compiling an encyclopedia of all 149 known monsters, Red travels across the land, searching far and wide for more creatures to complete his mission. Along the way he'll face plenty of challenges, such as battling Gym Leaders, tackling the Pokemon league and even halting the plans of an evil organization. One thing's for sure, being the best isn't just about strength, it's about heart as well. 

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veryanonymous's avatar
veryanonymous Jan 1, 2014
Score 8/10

Pokemon: The Origin bring all Pokemon fan what they need, a good Pokemon anime.  Don't get me wrong I enjoy most of the Pokemon anime, but Pokemon: The Origin bring a special nostalgic feeling, whoever play old school Pokemon game like Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue.  Pokemon: The Origin is a 4-episode tv anime special, that bring nostagia to the old school fan of the series. Story: If... read more

BigDumbOhFace's avatar
BigDumbOhFace Oct 13, 2014
Score 9/10

I came across this because I'm an avid Pokemon fan.  As soon as they announced this, I became really excited for this.  Although I didn't play the original Red and Blue, since I was a little too young, I played Fire Red and it's almost the same. Story If you played the original Red and Blue/Green versions of the game then it follows the same story line.  Young Red sets out on his journey to... read more

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