Pokemon Movie 9: Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

Alt title: Pokemon Movie 9: Pokemon Ranger to Umi no Ouji Manaphy

Movie (1 ep x 105 min)
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Legends tell that whoever wears the Sea Crown will be called the King of the Sea. Phantom the pirate desires the treasure and will stop at nothing to acquire it, and to do so he must obtain a Manaphy egg; for it is said that the Manaphy knows the way to the Temple of the Sea, where the Sea Crown is held. With the help of a special Pokemon Ranger - a person dedicated to protecting Pokemon and nature - Ash, Brock, May and Max will try to keep the Manaphy safe and stop Phantom from carrying out his plans!

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What the heck did I just watch? Ugh. This is one of the worst Kids movies I've ever seen in my entire life.And I'm dead serious man, it's worse than Misty's Togepi, It's worse than Wilhelmina's Marill, It's even worse than Ash's Lavitar. And I'm not making this up.I FEEL DEFEATED, I FEEL DISGUSTED,and I feel betrayed. How can they make a movie on The most annoying Misty and Togepi ripoff could be a good idea, huh?Well, at least Manaphy gets to go home in Samiya in the end.I figure that How did Manaphy got popular in Japan again? Because it's called "The Prince of the Sea"? Well Manaphy wasn't actually a Prince, or is he? He doesn't care about anyone. He cared about May, he wants to make money off of this movie, so he could make more fans, more views, and millions and millions of subscribers, so he could be one top of The Internet's community. And it makes me feel god dang.. ugh.. *imitates explosion* You know as bad as the movie is, it could have been worse. I MEAN, COULD YOU IMAGINE MANAPHY REALLY DID GOTTA POPULAR IN JAPAN? I haven't felt this physically Ill watching a Kids Movie since i saw Ponyo, where Ponyo Smugs the Baby's face to comfort him, This one is Even worse, I think Manaphy is stupid, He's not talented, he can't act. You Know, I'm Autistic, and I find Manaphy's Nonstop Tantrums (Even as a kid) so unbearable that I have to Mute the volume in order to keep watching the film. Because Manaphy always throws tantrums like a ************* baby, and I want manaphy could burn in ******* hell. He is a killjoy and a ******* shitty retarded bitchy hardheaded bitchy ***** fucky ****** backstabbing fatherfucking fathet ****** who always wants May and is a ******* ****** shitty bitchy bitcheriffic fuckeriffic shitteriffic Retarded Whiny bitchy huge piece of heartless ****. because I figure that Manaphy always throws tantrums nonstop to get May's attention so I wonder if your thinks If your thinks Manaphy from "Pokemon Ranger and the temple of the sea" movie is more annoying than a crying baby? I would love too show your opinion about Manaphy being more annoying than a crying baby. I would love too heart your opinion about it. Because I definitely figure that Manaphy is definitely more annoying than a crying baby. Anyways, Keep in mind, this is all my opinion, and If you disagree with Some of my ideas, well that's your opinion.


Greetings Fanboy and Fangirls everywhere, It's me again JWB the Uncanny, And today.... I feel Adventurous like Indiana Jones, So since everyone likes Pokémon, I've decided to look into Pokémon and the Temple of Doom... APRIL FOOLS!!!! Wait wasn't April 1st yesterday?... Anyway This is Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, Well Last year I Reviewed Madoka Magica Rebellion, did three Pretty Cure All Star movies, a Sailor Moon movie, And before I start going into  Really Bad Romantic Comedy Herma, Might as well cover a Pokémon Movie, Now I might plan on doing an in-depth look into the Anime itself in the future, The Anime version of Pokémon is very nostalgic to many people, And in my opinion, And it is really well done with a Protagonist we can always look to.... AT FIRST!!! (Referring to Ash Ketchum before Sun & Moon), But enough about the Show for now, How do you think the Movies are like, Given the circumstances of how they are made out, People like to treat them like they are Special Events that take place in Particular Season of the Generation, I would attempt to cover the Trilogy of the Original Series but Anime America has beat me to that when it came to Poke-Month, the Nostalgia Critic covered the First movie in his earlier reviews and since Sage is gonna cover it, I'm jumping to the Advance Generation, Now this movie is made because of the popularity of the Pokémon Ranger game, Clever idea, But since Ash is the focus of the series They just have the Ranger in this as the guy who is more capable of dealing with a dangerous problem, But I'm getting ahead of myself, Who is the Mastermind behind this movie, Why it's Kunihiko Yuyama a Japanese director of anime films,, Now looking at the Wikipedia page it shows he's done a lot of things that involves the Pokémon Anime Series, He was also a Chief Director and Executive Director on Mastermind of the Mirage Pokémon, So he's quite familiar with the Franchise, And I mean it's not like he only does work exclusively on the Pokémon Anime, A deeper look at some of the stuff he did shows that he is capable of doing some Non-Pokémon things like Leda: The Fantastic Adventure of Yohko, Kimagure Orange Road: Summer's Beginning, Plawres Sanshiro, Weather Report Girl and to my shock and surprise Wedding Peach. so the guy has talent when it comes to Directing, And much like Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, There was no DVD release on this movie in the UK, But it use to show on C.N. when it had the Pokémon Anime licence until Jetix took over when it came to Diamond and Pearls second season. But now that I have that out of the way, It's time to join the Pokémon Ranger as with Journey to the Temple of the Sea. I'll be looking at the English dub cause that's the version I'm more familiar with, Ohh yeah I should inform you guys that Toho the Company responsible for a lot of Classic Godzilla movies are the ones Distributing these Pokémon movies with the Pikachu the Movie logo on it, Anyway Our movie starts with our trusting Narrator telling us that this isn't just our world, It's there world as well (Referring to the Pokémon) There are those like trainer like to catch them and bring them up for battles and Showcase them, While there are some idiots out there that like to use there powers in the name of Darkness (Hmm this feels like a Narration for a Superhero story, Weird), But tells us there are those that will protect them like the Pokémon Ranger who happens to be Solana's very own movie Cameo, And then he tells us of our protagonist Ash Ketchum, along with his most Trusted buddies, Brock the Girl flirting Moron I made fun of before, Max the Little brother to the Fan-favourite girl in the Advance generation May who will have a strong plot in this film, And now we open up to somewhere deep in the Ocean, We find An Egg floating around... It gets located and then we are introduced to the Villain of the Movie A Pirate mercenary by the name Phantom (No I'm not on about the Phantom from Happiness Charge PreCure) Voiced by Eric Schussler with his most trusted Follower Galen (Squidward: Galen, That's a name only fitted for swabbing any deck of a Pirateship, Hahahaha... Anyway, Boss can we talk? JWB: When the Opening credits come up then we'll talk. Squidward: Kay.) Anyway, What makes Phantom a memorable villain well in my opinion is his Two tips of Men in this world Dialog he spouts out, It's really classy well not as classy as other Pirate like Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook, Black-Beard, Hell even Davy Jones on some levels, His design is something of a later edition as in the poster he has a White-beard, but in the Final product, He's got a Blue beard, But that's when another Character enters the picture, Jack Walker the Pokémon Ranger of this movie, Stealing the Egg and getting away with some... Matrix movies, Jacky is voiced by Rich McNanna, He joined the cast during the latter half of Pokémon: Battle Frontier. (The fourth Season of Pokémon Advance) so he gets away, But is seems that doesn't discourage Phantom. JWB: And now that the opening is on, What seems to be on your Mind Mr Squidward? Squidward: You'll be surprised to know this but, The entire planet have ben flooded with Water. JWB: What?! Phelous, What can you see up there? Phelous: Everything in the world is an ocean, Like Waterworld only not as Expensive. JWB: What could have caused that? Unless, King Triton!!! King Triton: Greetings Human, I trust you know why I have flooded the world in Ocean? JWB: So you would make the Human race not be able to stay in water for to long and die off. King Triton: That's Right, Try and Stop me it you wish, But You cannot stop the Storm. JWB: Ohh Don't you worry, I'll think of something, After this Review. Now we cut to Ash and his friends become lost on their journey.. in the Desert I guess and it seems they are Out of water, With May collapse in shock, (May Dehydration is still a thing you know, If you lot are gonna die of Dehydration, make sure your not on the Road and in an area where Vultures can have you), But luckily Ash sees a Ball of Water and they go to it learning that they are in the control of a Marina Group, How this is accomplished is by the use of Psychic Pokémon with the Help of Water-Type Pokémon can manipulate the water into any shape, And thanks to Brock we learn that the girl in this Marina Group is Lizabeth (Not Elizabeth... just Lizabeth) and he knows all about the Marina Group... How? How does he know this, Brock your making this shit up, But he has a little blue Book to prove it, Where on Pokémon Earth did he get that? and yes this is another example of Brock's flirting antics are getting not only over-used and not being funny, But just get more annoying and goes into the WTF are you talking about/Doing Brock, (But that's a nerdy Nit-pic for another time) But now that Max has pulled him away, Lizabeth introduces her Parents to our Protagonists, With May Getting ideas of Lizabeth's mother looking like she could be her sister (Well that's something you don't see May saying everyday) So with everyone full of Water they ask about the Show, With Lizabeth's Grandfather asking if they like a sample, I'm pretty sure you know there answer with the guys saying Then we'll just gonna have to Show you! (And by that, You'll be part of it.) and so we see the Show and... Hmm, There Costumes... Yeah, I think at one point it was gonna be an All girls Marina Show, But since the Father is the Alpha he joined the Show, And... Sorry if that was the only costume they can give him, And it looks like Ash and his friends are part of the show by getting trapped in the Water-Bubbles, Umm you do know that they are gonna drawn without anything to breath air in... Hmm this Show is putting that episode where Misty wears a Mermaid costume to perspective doesn't it? and now we see to the Comic-relief in this Franchise, Team Rocket AKA the Idiots who usually try to catch Pikachu but always fails, I'm surprised they are not dead yet after all the Blasting off gag. James looks at what Buizel was holding, Wait a second That was the Egg that Jacky was holding, Why is that thing there, There is a reason, But that will come later, Team Rocket Phones Phantom to tell him that they have found what he was looking for... (Squidward: Ahh so it was an inside job, I did not see that coming, This would make them Hijacking your Review Page that much sense.) Later May has a dream that she's gliding through the ocean, Then she spots a strange looking Building in the water, floating in mid-water then she sees a Pokémon she never seen before going to this Building only to see May Wake up. (Damn, She was so close to her goal of learning it's secret, and her little O.B.E. journey would be complete.) So at the Table May asks about the Dream she had, They tell her about the People of the Water, Which maybe an off-shoot race of humans that share the abilities of the Mermaids, and so they can be blessed by who ever there Sea-gods are they created the Sea-Temple, Which might be a reference to the Lost City of Atlantis legends, The People of the Water have that dream as well with brock saying a Memory that is written in your DNA, (Guess this movie predicted the idea in Assassin's Creed), With Max speculating May might be a Descendent to the Ocean-humans... NO THAT WASN'T A STRETCH!!, But is seems Team Rocket while trying to take the Egg they are not in the right bodies, Yeah the Pokémon in the Egg has the ability to make people and pokemon swap bodies, Anyway they get seen with the Egg and... well you probably know how it goes. Well now that the Egg is back in the hands of Justice, We learn that Jacky is with them the whole them as a Clown, They learn that the Egg contains a Mythical Pokémon called Manaphy, the one May seen in her Dream, Jacky is on a Mission to bring Manaphy to the Sea-Temple called Samiya, Nice name and he is getting help from the Marina Group... You know this would make a lot of interesting plot-idea if the Marina Group are really Mermaids, I do hope in the Pokémon Franchise we'll get to see actual Mermaids other then what we seen in with Misty. But it seem trouble is coming with Phantom finding the Egg, With Jacky saying They must have followed us here. (Or the Pirate might have took everything Team Rocket said to note), And it seems Phantom likes to do the Chasing... Fare enough, And he's quiet Strong for a Pirate, Well despite that, Jacky and the Gang try to give the Pirates the slip, Until... the Egg Hatches, Congrads it's a... Ohh shit I cant tell is it's a Male or Female, Ahh Phantom wanted to catch Manaphy with his own hands... Hahahaa you know, Like Khan from Star Trek 2, Everything this guy says feels quotable. After May calming Manaphy a bit, Lizabeth lands on the idea that May might be it's mother... Noooo you think, Guess this makes sense though, When a Baby, sees the first thing is sees, It imprints that your it's parent, There's no escaping that. And so we reach a Ruins of I'm guessing once belong to the People of the Water, And I'm right, They need them Bracelets as keys to venture deeper, What sort of Magic are they using to keep the place locked up like this? It is here we learn of what the Sea-Temple holds, the Sea-Crown, For years thieves tried to steal the Sea-Crown, (Hmm this is something Odoren and Utean would want to have in there list of things to steal), And so they set traps to prevent things like that from happening, What kind of Traps, Well I'll let Kyle explain it (Kyle: The Sea-Temple can't be seen by the eyes of the Mortals.) Ahh so it's invisible by blending into the Water... Okey I can see some Mermaid Magic Going on in this, And Manaphy is the key to finding it. So yeah, Phantoms plan is to find the Temple and take the Crown... Seems easy enough, (But this Idea was kinda different in the movie adaptations Before Jack became a Pokémon Ranger, he was a member of the pirate Phantom's crew, and learned of his captain's plan to capture the Legendary Pokémon Kyogre. Learning that Manaphy was the way of obtaining Kyogre, Jack stole Manaphy's Egg and escaped from the ship, using a Mantine to escape.) So they all now go on the quest to find the Sea-Temple with Manaphy's help, Jacky thanks them for helping but tells them when they are out of the grotto He must carry on without them, telling them It has to be a Pokémon Rangers Job, (That didn't seem to stop them from helping Solana in her appearances in the Anime, But I'll let you figure that out.) Yeah I never got that Idea, Why not get anyone else involved in this Quest, You worried the Ranger HQ might dock your pay for getting help by other Trainers? or he's probably jealous because Manaphy choose May to look after it, then him. They now Board a ship that the Grandfather owns, Not sure how he owns one, But I'm sure he has his reasons, But he isn't taking his Crew with him, the Guys that know how to run the ship. (Squidward: Ahh don't worry boys, you can have Part time jobs at the Krusty Krab... Or you can work at the Chum Bucket, You guys make the call. I have a better option, You can be my assistants.), Jacky and the Marina group go... except for the Main Protagonists of the Show because Jacky wouldn't want them getting hurt on this Adventure... Well Manaphy disagrees and uses her powers to Swap Jacky's mind with Ash, Funny way to get the kids onto the Boat, Sorry Jacky, They are the main Protagonists of the Anime so your stuck with them. Ahh so Manaphy's trick is called Heart-Swap... Interesting, and the reason why Manaphy did that to Ash and Jacky is so it can stay with May, Proving once again May is still the Mother which makes her Happy... (Squidward: Wow, I understand that May would lose her temper at times, But getting enjoyment in the torture in Ash and a guy whose only concern is to get paid, She has a darkside.) Ship says that Manaphy needs to guide them to Samiya, and that Manaphy has to be released into the water. May lets Manaphy back into the ocean, and it jumps around swimming freely. Ahh good It might need some freedom. So they set sail following Manaphy to the Sea-Temple which Ship says that it's where it is home, But though this does beg the question where the name of Davy Jones Locker have they gone? While on the journey, May and Manaphy start to bond, Man being a Human who is a Pokémon Trainer would want to raise something that isn't human, So if we learnt anything is if your looking for companionship, Your more likely to start dating something that's Not really human at all. or Adopt a Non-Human child, (Apparently I just have Monster Mesume on the brain... ever that or Suu the Slime's drugs are kicking in.) But Jacky notices of this and... Well He informs that Manaphy being all cuddly with May isn't such a good thing. After all, Manaphy is supposed to be the Prince of the Sea, a leader. How's a leader going to look if it acts how it does to May?... Umm Jacky, I doubt Manaphy is the right age to be leader, and then May rushes out just as Lizabeth was about to enter. probably feeling upset that Manaphy will no longer be with her when the Quest is done, (Squidward: Smooth move Mr Ranger Pants, You know that's gonna affect your Statues as a Pokémon Ranger if you give out bad news to kids that are about ten, What do you have to say to that? Jack Walker: It's the law of Nature. Squidward: Yeah well hate to brake this but the Law of Nature is a two way strick, Your just Jealous that Manaphy choose May more then you. Jack Walker: What, I don't know what your talking about.) I'm not quiet sure what your method of thinking was there, But... I'm guessing He never had any kind of Bonding with your Parents, In any case Phantom is following them and the good guys don't know it, Ohh and Team Rocket have been with them, But they've been given Cleaning Duties... Sucks to be them I guess, Ohh did I forget that Manaphy is a good singer? well now you know... While Ash brings out his Pokémon to play with Manaphy, May tries to put her favourite Bandanna on but oh no, It flew off, But Don't worry, Manaphy will go find it. But later on, Manaphy is still not back, So they go look for her in a Submarine... (We all live in a Yellow Submarine, A Yellow Submarine, A Yellow Submarine) Don't worry, There not Drunk, They where able to get find Manaphy and the Bandanna but is seems the God of the Sea decided to mess with them by making a strong ocean current to kill them, But with all the luck... They finally found the Sea-Temple, And it seems there's no one home... This Is another element from the Atlantis stories as there is no one in it, So everyone there is pretty much dead, But I don't see any bones, But anyways Phantom is here as well... and yeah, somewhere along the like this Movies script was partially done by a guy who works for One Piece so I can see a bit of Pirating here. and it seems he knows a lot about the People of the Water, And much to the shock of our heroes, He's got a People of the Waters make as well, and he's been in a lot of trouble to get it, So he's probably killed the guy who had it once... No joke, Phantom has Sea-Human blood on his hands, And so They make it to the Sea-Crown chamber and... If I recall something from DokiDoki Pretty Cure, If you remove a Crown from something important, Your probably gonna open something similar to Pandora's Box. But in this case Phantom take a piece of the Crown and yeah the Temple starts to flood, Seems without the Crystals powering the Crown of the Force field around the Temple becomes unstable. So the kids run for the Sub but luckily Jacky is there to try and fix everything. But in the Struggle they where able to lose a piece of the Crown... Opes, So Manaphy goes to see if it can do anything with Ash and May following, And Yes, They go to Put the piece's back, But one is missing, Guess whose gonna go get it... Oh yeah Ash, For some reason, sometimes Ash is always gonna save the day, This is something else that get's over used in these Pokémon Movies, Ash is always the Chosen one to be the Hero Luckily they found it in the most obvious place, and they try to make there way back to the Crown, But only Ash will go put it back while May, Pikachu and Manaphy ae in a Capsule. (Squidward: So Ash is gonna sacrifice his ten year old ass to Save not only the Sea-Temple but the Girl he put in a Capsule... Well, That's noble.) And no joke... Ash nearly dies in this but When Manaphy uses it's power to inform him that May and Pikachu are counting on him, He Comes around and goes Popeye in his own way and Restores the Sea-Crown... And the Craowd goes wild, Everyone finds themselves on the surface and the Sea-Temple is on top of the Surface as well, But wait... Phantom's not quite done yet and Kidnaps May's child... I mean Manaphy... But Don't worry, Ash comes to the Rescue and... He's gone Super Sayin... And so with the help of the Water Pokémon They are able to defeat Phantom and destroy his Ship... But it seems he has been wearing a Mecha-suit so he can be strong... So was he a weak scrawny guy back in his school-days? Just asking? And so the Sea-Temple is saved, (Squidward: Wow, I didn't think They'd have it in them, But Well Done kids, Well Done) And so our movie ends with Jacky stating his Mission is Complete, And May saying Farewell to her Child Manaphy who has grown And may believing that someday, She will meet Manaphy again... Funny how that will never happen because Battle Frontier is the Last season of Advance.Anyway this Pokémon Movie is Great, It might not be the most perfect thing I ever seen, but it is the most light hearted in many ways, The Animation is done very well, This is the Last Pokémon movie to use traditional cel animation to animate the movie, despite the fact that the main anime series had switched to digital animation four years prior. Even though Ash was still the Hero, This was May's turn to shine, This was her best time to be in this movie, And making her the mother is... humorous in some places, Well at least Brock's flirting was not to long, And sure Besides the Characters having good stuff to say like Phantom the Main Protagonists and Lizabeth, Most of the Dialog from the other Characters felt a bit Hammy and Cheesy, And most of Jack Walker's dialog makes him okey, but would sometimes make him slip into Jealous sounding, Over confident at times and... Bit of an Ass, but not to same degree as Square from Pretty Cure Max Heart the movie, You can feel like them lines where for Dave Coulier in might, And for where this would fall into the Final season would be after the episode where Ash Wins the Final Frontier Battle... I guess, Over all I enjoyed this movie, It's a plus in my book, And it's unfortunate that Phantom never appears again in the future seasons, He has become another of my Favourite Villains in my List of Villains along with Odoren and Utean, I have another Favourite in the Advance Generation which is Jirachi Wish Maker, Destiny Deoxys and Lucario and the Mystery of Mew are... okey but nothing to write home about on me, I might do reviews on the other Advance Generation movies in the Future, But I might do Jirachi first... Maybe because May is in it as well, And let's hope that someday, We might Return to the Temple of the Sea, Samiya.

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