Pokemon Legends: Hisuian Snow

Alt title: Pokemon Legends Arceus: Yuki Hodo Kishi Futaai

Web (3 eps x 10 min)
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Across the Hisui region, many grow up believing people and Pokémon cannot live together. But when Alec meets a Hisuian Zorua, he may need to rethink how he views Pokémon!

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'Pokémon Legends: Hisuian Snow' is a short mini-series that takes place around the same time as the recent game of a similar name: 'Pokémon Legends: Arceus'. It is 3 episodes long, each being around 10 minutes.  When I heard that they were doing a series on PLA, I was ecstatic! I had finished the game and had loved it. I'd have to say it's easily one of, if not, THE best Pokémon game. It explores what the early Sinnoh region was like when it was known as the Hisui region, which led to a lot of Leonardo DiCaprio finger pointing moments whenever i noticed something familiar. The show maintains a similar feel. Some of the game's themes and premises, in fact, are also present inside this show, for example the bond between humans and Pokémon and where it seemed to begin.  The show follows the flashbacks of a man called Alec of when he was a young boy. We learn that he was the first to make a friend of a Pokémon, a small, extremely adorable shiny Hisuian Zoroa for that matter. Everyone in Jubilife Village appears to be scared of Pokémon, similar to the game. The bond Alec has with Pokémon, especially the Zoroa, however, teaches the residents to fear Pokémon no more. The animation for this series is gorgeous as it is very reminiscent to (what I believe to be) the watercolour style of the game. The actual hand drawn stuff is top notch too. It is very clean and nice on the eyes and is accentuated thanks to lovely colour schemes. Wit Studio did a great job and I'd heavily advocate for them to return for some more Pokémon related projects in the future. The sound and music was a delight. The music didn't feel out of place, but rather helped me feel immersed in the world. Conisch delivered! The sound effects like the icy wind howling or the terrifying roars of an Alpha Garchomp were also wonderful. Overall, 'Pokémon Legends: Hisuian Snow' is hopefully a glimpse into the future of Pokémon animation and the path it may be taking. I'd love for even more spin-off shows that are of the same quality as this. This show is a loveable, heartwarming, charming journey and I'd definitely recommend it. I really wish it was much longer though. It is irresistibly sweet and oh so heartwarming, regardless of how strong and powerful Winter's wrath may be. I give 'Pokémon Legends: Hisuian Snow' a 7/10 Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful!

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