Pokemon Movie 16: Genesect and the Legend Awakened

Alt title: Pokemon Movie 16: Shinsoku no Genosect - Mewtwo Kakusei

Movie (1 ep x 72 min)
3.281 out of 5 from 2,538 votes
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A vast Pokémon habitat amid the hustle and bustle of the big city seems like the perfect new home for a group of five Genesect. The arrival of these Mythical Pokémon quickly becomes a problem, though: their nest threatens the city’s power supply, and they keep attacking anyone who approaches it. On top of that, they’ve attracted the attention of the Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo, who sympathizes with them because its own origins also involve human tampering. The group’s leader, known as Red Genesect, doesn’t trust Mewtwo, and their confrontation quickly rages out of control! Can Ash and friends stop these two powerful Pokémon before they destroy the city?

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I've always had a soft spot for pokemon in my heart. The games have always been generally good, with X and Y being exceptionally better. However, when it comes to the anime, I can't think too much of it. Sure, the first season was fantastic even in the 4kids version. But, after that it keeps going and going and going and ash is still bloody 10 years old. So, I simply watch the movies and that's it. But like the series, the same thing happened to the movies. After a while, it got boring. Then came gen 4. Lucario and the mystery of mew was fantastic, and so was manaphy and the temple of the sea. Rise of darkrai is my favourite pokemon movie to date, and the giratina and arceus movies were okay. The zororak movie was damn fine as well, and it is my second favourite. But, then came the 5th gen. I was so pumped for the victini movie, and I was slightly dissapointed. Then, I was extremely excited for the keldeo and kyurem movie. The trailer, especially in japanese, looked amazing. But, when it comes to trailers many people can turn dog dump into gold. Then came this movie. Mewtwo, MEWTWO, MEWTWO!!!!!!! I was waiting patiently for this movie, which looked so awesome in every trailer. It looked as if the pokemon company was finally listening to the fans. Even pokemon the origin was amazing, which got me hyped up even more. You're expepecting a but, aren't you. Here it comes! BUT, it was exactly what I hoped wouldn't happen. It's the same god damn style of story that made them screw up the last two films. A group of genesect try to find their home and in the process they attack innocent people. A different mewtwo (that's right, IT'S NOT THE SAME MEWTWO!) tries to stop them. The supposed 'mano e mano' battle everyone was hoping for never happens. All it is is a bunch of whining genesect trying to find a place to live and misunderstandin everyone in the process. DAMN YOU, POKEMON! I have to say that this is the worst pokemon movie to date when it comes to storyline. And it outweighs the other aspects, sadly. The animation is obviously the strongest point of this movie, but it mirrors the style this movie hopes to achieve. Sure, it's fluent and bright and colourful. But this, however, is not what the movie should have been like. If this movie wanted to be successful with the real fans of the franchise, the animation would have been somewhat darker, much like the story should have been. Sure, it's all cute, but that's not what this movie was supposed to be. It should have been darker. Still, there's nothing wrong with the animation. Its decent, but I expected more. I sadly couldn't find a subbed version for the movie, so I was forced to watch it dubbed. It's not the worst thing, but it hilights certain issues. In the english version, the opening theme is way to short. In previous movies, there were really epic and interesting openings with amazing themes. In this film, it cuts it down to twenty seconds and a minute later, you have the stupid kiddyfied song that the dub put in. The rest of the film has okay music, but its really nothing special. Like I said, the story outweighs all of this. The characters are the other problem with this. Once again, they focus way too much on ash. This is fine, if he's supposed to be the protagonist. However here, its obvious he's not. He does nothing in this; he simply stands by and helps out once or twice. And, this goes without saying but I'm saying it anyway, HE'S STILL 10 YEARS OLD! No time leap? No 'ten years later'? Still, this doesn't have anything to do with the movie. The reason why ash sucks in this movie is because they give him too much unnessecary screentime. He's not the protagonist, okay? Also, the other annoying thing is that the two side character's are always explaining things to make them tie in with the games. This is useless. Take Arceus and the Jewel of Life, for example. Did anyone ever say 'oh no, arceus used judgement!"? No, they didn't. It's not nessecary. I you watch these movies, you probably already understand what's going on without this. Now, the worst part of the characters is mewtwo and genesect. They are in complete misrepresentation here, as you should be able to see. Mewtwo is NOT the same mewtwo from the first pokemon movie. Hoping for him to return? Well too bad! This mewtwo is female, and they never explain her origins at all. Many people are probably thinking 'but I thought there was only one mewtwo". Well, keep guessing, as they never explain it. Genesect also sucks here. There are five, actually, and one of theme is a shiny. Okay, you'd think that's pretty cool, BUT NO! These genesect aren't out to kill all in their path by some evil scientist, they just want to find their home! Sound stupid, THAT'S BECAUSE IT IS! These characters had such potential, but instead they ruined it just as they ruined the other films. Maybe, if you're stupidly optimistic and always see the good over the bad no matter how bad it is (like Kafuka in Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei), then you'll think this movie is STILL A PILE OF CRAP! The animation and sound barely stay over the line between good quality and bad quality, and the story and characters outweigh these aspects. If you are a fan of pokemon, DO NOT WATCH THIS. If you are not a fan of pokemon, DO NOT WATCH THIS. If you are a kid who doesn't know better, DO NOT WATCH THIS. In my opinion, this is the worst pokemon film to date. Of corse, this entire review is opinionated, and you may think it biest. But if you think that, then be my guest and watch it. You'll see how bad it really is. And if not, then whatever. To each his or her own. I hate this movie, though, mainly because it dissapointed me. It's so kid friendly that it ruins the plot. Once pokemon stops being too kid friendly (maybe take some inspiration from avatar, even though its not an anime), the franchise can re-vitalise itself. Listen guys, just stop reading this and watch the origin. It's better than the genesect movie, I can guarentee.


I just have to react on this one.I'm a huge fan of Pokémon myself and I found myself disliking this movie. The 30min intro-movie was great I thought. I was hoping for another action/animation movie with Mewtwo in it. This movie doesn't contain the same Mewtwo, it's not only another voice actor (actress) but it has also a more 'round' female face. In my memories mewtwo was created by men (it (she?) reminds us about that every time she talks) and there's only one of it (her?).The Genesects are not bad, their search for their home is bad. Just like Palkia, Dialga, Deoxys, and the later movies it's the same story about finding a home. It's where Pokémon the movie started with aswell. The animation was great, Ash and his friends who realy weren't of any help had too much screentime for the storyline but compared to the Pokémon movies I know it's too little Ash and too much 'I'm Mewtwo and I'll save you because all other Pokémon are weaklings.' There's a lot of screentime for the Genesect but they don't dive into how they're made (and modified) from fossils and who did it. It's only one sentence somewhere in the movie. I'm used to the voices in Japanese ánd English Pokémon and they are both done very well. English is not as good as Japanese though. The only voice I hated was the 'friendly' Genesect's; It made me think of the annoying flying dog/buglike Pokémon in Giratina's movie. I forgot his name since I really disliked him. There's no character Development as usual but that doesn't annoy me anymore since I can't think of Ash as 25years old. To me he was like 16 from the start and he still is. I know he's only 10 years old but that has always been impossible in my mind. It's better the way I see him I think. If you want to see Pokémon through my eyes you've got to go back to the place where Tentacruel destroys a city and Charizard is fast and strong enough to make it almost into space (pidgeot is the only one who actually made it) and he can catch anything he wants to if it's falling down from up high.Last but not least, -sorry for being so skeptic about changes in the series, What's happened to Chansey??? I can handle the anime's different Nurse Joy helpers like Wigglytuff and Blissey on occasion, but Audino as standart is too much for me. Overall, the movie is not bad for kids from today, it's not a movie for Pokémonlovers from the first generations. 


I finally got a chance to watch this movie.  One thing I do want to note is that my review is based off of the JAPANESE VERSION of the movie, not the English dub.  I can't stand the English voice actors for the characters ever since they were changed sometime after Hoenn, I believe, so I haven't watched the English dub since.  I will still use the dub names, since people are more familiar with those. Let's get started. Story Five strange pokemon, Genesect, show up searching for something while we see Mewtwo (who happens to be different from the Mewtwo in the first movie) trying to test how far and fast it can go. When Mewtwo comes upon the Genesect and save them from an avalanche, the smallest one reveals that they're looking for their home, though the red/shiny Genesect (obviously the leader) wants nothing to do with Mewtwo and attacks before they run off again. Meanwhile, Ash and his friends have come to the Pokemon Hills; a location in an Unova city which will host a variety of pokemon in natural habitats for them.  Upon exploration, they meet up with a Sableye and the small Genesect.  Ash promises to help the Genesect find its home, but then the red Genesect shows up and attacks.  Not only does it attack, but it controls the other Genesect to attack. Ash and company are saved by Mewtwo (who can freely transform to Mewtwo Y), though Mewtwo's intention was to just save the pokemon. Later on, Sableye comes to warn them that there's a problem in Pokemon Hills, caused by the Genesect. Characters Team Rocket makes its typical cameo appearance in the movie and then doesn't do much of anything.  There are also the protagonists (Ash, Iris, and Cilan). The only human character we're introduced to in this movie is Eric, the caretaker of Pokemon Hills. There are the Genesect, of course; there are a total of five of them, each with a different Drive installed on their backs, and all searching for their home in a world unfamiliar to them. The Red Genesect can somehow control the others and give orders, and is much faster than the others, as well (most likely why the Japanese title is called "Extreme Speed Genesect..."). Mewtwo makes an appearance, and had the same story as every other Mewtwo.  Only this one has a feminine sounding voice, and can freely transform into its mega form (Y version). Overall The movie felt very reminiscent of the very first movie, particularly a later scene which involves a large fight between the pokemon (while the humans can only stand there in shock and sorrow). While that could be considered a minus point, I felt it was a plus.  It evoked quite a lot of emotion, and that entire climax scene was done very well...and this time, there wasn't a single battle-ender (like Ash being turned to stone, thank goodness). I don't want to put in any spoilers, but there were a couple moments in the final battle which ran emotions very high, especially in regards to the small Genesect (the one who could be considered a main character next to the red Genesect).  The transitions and the way the battle between all the pokemon took place and was resolved was certainly a huge step up from the first movie. Not that the movie didn't have its falling points. First and foremost was Mewtwo.  Anyone who has played the Pokemon games (be it Gen I, or the Gen III remakes) know how Mewtwo was created, and that there is only one Mewtwo. In the anime, we've seen three Mewtwo already:  One in the first movie, one in the anime itself (which could be related; we don't know as I don't recall a definite conclusion on it), and this one.  They all have the same backstory of creation and then eventually breaking free of their human captors/creators, as well. The movie might have been a little better if it was the same Mewtwo from the first movie, in the least.  The movies in Pokemon are great in that they flow with the TV show (unlike DBZ movies, for example, which make no sense in the timeline sans a couple of them), so it would have been better if this Mewtwo was the same one.  That also breaks pokemon lore, and can only lead us to believe that Mewtwo was there just for the sake of the plot, or that there was more than one research facility which created more than one Mewtwo. The second issue is that it was never explained how the red Genesect could freely control the other Genesect.  In the games, a red Genesect is its shiny sprite, but in this case, it was to differentiate the "leader" from the others. The third issue is in the animation, which was why I docked points.  At times, the characters were animated quite poorly, and had lanky limbs (particularly Team Rocket, though Ash was seen with this bad quality of animation during one scene in the end credits, as well).  The fights and battle animations were excellent, so I didn't take too many points off. Overall, the movie was extremely enjoyable, and I would recommend it to fans of the series.  I don't know how the dub was, but the original version is certainly worth watching. 

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