Pokemon Evolutions

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In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Pokemon, this series features different Trainers around the Pokemon world as they grow and evolve with their Pokemon!

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Remember Pokemon Generations, the mini series that came out back in 2016? This is pretty much the sequel, driven to recreate it's massive success and popularity. Both series paint Pokemon in a different, much more detailed style of animation from that of the main series anime to bring some of the biggest events of the games across the generations (1 each) every episode. Although they functionally are the same for the most part, there is a notable difference between the two: Generations from a few years back focused more on the lore behind certain characters and events that aren't covered in the game or main anime, and there was more episodes overall covering a lot more events. Meanwhile Evolutions here focus is on bringing to life the events of the games to the screen instead. In short, it's strictly faithful to the games and is trying to capture nostolgia. Evolution's appeal is more so to the general audience that may vaguely remember playing the pokemon games as a kid, while Generations was more attractive to the hardcore fanbase. Which would I say is better? As someone who still continues to play and follow Pokemon to this day, I'd stand by that Generations was far more interesting than Evolutions because it brought new content and expanded the lore of the games. But that doesn't mean Evolutions was bad, far from it. If you're a casual Pokemon fan who played the games as a did, this is a nice lil' nostolgia trip made just for you that you can easily follow along.

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