Pokemon 4D: Pikachu`s Ocean Adventure

Alt title: Pokemon 3D Adventure 2: Pikachu no Kaitei Daibouken

Movie (1 ep x 14 min)
3.408 out of 5 from 279 votes
Rank #8,003
Pokemon 4D: Pikachu`s Ocean Adventure

When Pikachu and friends decide to stop by a tropical island for some rest and relaxation, they got more than they had bargained for after Chatot discovers a Treasure Map! They follow the map to Wailord’s Tear, a mysterious place located in a sunken pirate ship. Will Pikachu and friends find the treasure? What mysteries and dangers are in store? Will our pals return safely? Find out in Pikachu’s Ocean Adventure! 

Source: Bulbapedia

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