Poco's Udon World

Alt title: Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari

Poco's Udon World

Poco's Udon World Episode 10 - The Reservoir

It's a lazy day at Souta's house when Nakajima abruptly reveals that his mother guilted him into agreeing to a marriage interview. He's thirty and still single, and Souta's stuck in the same boat. Rinko on the other hand is already married, but not exactly a perfect homemaker. So when she offers to make the boys lunch, they realize she's acting strange...

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5 people think you'll like this

AnnaSartin AnnaSartin says

Two laid-back anime series about a man, an adorably cute little child and making food at a restaurant.

randomredneck randomredneck says

A one-two combo of stupidly adorable blonde kids, and their salaryman dads...also, one is magic.

yebinpark13 yebinpark13 says

Ya I totally agree to this since it is both careing and there is food and the support from the people near



When calligrapher Sei "Seishuu" Handa becomes so enraged at a judge's critique of his work that he actually punches the old man, his father decides that Sei needs to reflect on his behavior and sends him to a remote island to live. Far from the modern conveniences of the city, the moody artist must adapt to his rural environment and his quirky...

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AnnaSartin AnnaSartin says

Both have a single man who goes to the countryside and finds himself while dealing with an adorable little tyke who shakes things up.

asterris asterris says

Both follow a slightly finicky man struggling with their future/jobs and how they gain happiness from the simple influence of a child. Barakamon has the MC struggling with inspiration as in calligraphy, while in Poco the MC is a web designer contemplating whether to move from Tokyo and if he should keep his job or not.

In Barakamon it's an adorable but mischievous little girl, and in Poco's in a sweet/pure melt-your-heart boy.

If you like shows where the MC kindly takes care of little children and worries about them in a cute manner, while also resolving a few slice of life problems, you will most likely find both of these shows likeable.

Eirianf Eirianf says

Both feature a man from Tokyo trying to find themselves, and going to stay out on the islands. Both feature a cute kid who shows them a different view on life and helps them find their way again. Great artwork, acting and storylines. Nice paced slice of life. 

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mdchan mdchan says

The message is slightly different between these two slice-of-life animes, but it still contains the same premise of an adult with no parenting experience who decides to adopt a young child.

GrnEydDvl GrnEydDvl says

Both of these shows are about a single man who, through very unsual circustances, decides to take in a young child.  The man struggles and sacrifices as he learns to love, care for, and provide for the child.  The relationship between the father figure and the child is crazy adorable, super sweet, and heartwarming.  If you liked one show you will definitely like the other.

kazuiis kazuiis says

It has the same feel, there's a guy who takes in a small child. The anime is about the struggles and happiness of raising a child.