Poco's Udon World - Reviews

Alt title: Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari

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Aug 2, 2017

I just finished watching this anime and I absolutely loved it! it has made me cry and laugh throughout the whole story. Very moving and I actually liked the story itself, it is not a standard son takes over family restaurant at all it covers many themes from parenting to growing up and finding your own way in life to being kind, accepting, caring and letting go and moving on. I absolutely love it. It brings out many emotions.

I really loved the animation to, it is very bright and nicely made it gives you a instant summer/sunny feel.

If you love a sweet story about family life or a story about acceptance and finding out were you belong or if you are moving on after a big event in your life this is a anime for you and a must watch.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Dec 21, 2019


It is about a 30 year old man named Souta who takes a leave from his job and goes back home to assist with family affairs of his father recently passing. He goes back home to encounter the memories he had of the past along with an Udon restaurant his father once ran. He encounters a child, which he gives the name Poco. The child, who is an actual shapeshifting tanuki, becomes quite important in Souta's life as their bond develops and strengthens, leaving the main character questioning some life choices he must face.

The storyline is adorably captivating. It was touching with a peaceful pace and gentle humor.


The anime is full of vibrant colors, crisp and catching to the eye. The look has a bright yet simpler feel to it which compliments the characters nicely.


The sound resonated perfectly with this type of anime. There were parts where the sound underlined the scenary beautifully and fitted the situation as needed.


The two main characters, which the anime focuses mostly on, were so compatible.The relationship between the two were just and adorable. Souto questions his guilty feelings toward his father and questions his life challenges. He is patient, kind and also very dedicated to Poco's needs. Poco is innocent and lively, bringing such adorableness to everyone's life. We meet several other characters and though they may not play as major of a role, they certainly aid to the support of the storyline and character development.


Poco's Udon World is a sweet and warmhearted slice of life watch.

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10/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Dec 25, 2016


  • This anime has a large cast of colourful and intresting characters, I didnt find anyone of them to be boring or irritating. 
  • Really, really beautiful backgrounds.
  • Great music and voice acting.
  • Great comedy (I was laughing so hard at certain things in this anime).


  • Nothing much happens in each episode.
  • Some episodes are quite boring.
  • Some characters faces look really bad.

What you have here is and episodic comdey that follows the daily lives of Poco and Souta. Nothing really happens much in trems of the story, there is no deep meaning to anything, its pretty shallow. But where this anime succeds is its very well done characters.

If you're looking for a light hearted comedy i do reccomend watching this, other than that there isnt much it has to offer, I did enjoy myself watching it.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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Mar 21, 2019

Personal Opinion/Quick Summary:

Yoooo! This anime was so good! So, basic summary is that the MC aka "Souta" is having some issues as his dad recently died. So he went back to his hometown to clean up their old house and his dad's udon shop (because he and his sister were planning to sell it). Upon entering the udon shop he finds a sleeping boy, who then proceeds to steal his wheat and sonics out of there. Confused he leaves the udon shop and does some stuff and comes back where he finds the boy from earlier back in front of the shop. The boy later named "Poco" ends up staying with him for the night. I'm not going to spoil when this scene happens but, Souta ends up finding out that Poco is actually a shape shifting Tanuki! A super cute one at that, I’d literally die for Poco! After the revel Souta decides that he'll take care of Poco while he's in his hometown. They bond throughout the story as Souta deals with the loss and guilt of his fathers passing, while also deciding if he wants to go back to Tokyo and continue his job there, leaving Poco behind.  

The Good:

The characters were SO good! I feel in love with Souta so quickly! He adopted Poco so fast even though he didn't know what to do with his life. He's always looking out for Poco and doing what's best for him like a true dad. He really is 100% dad material. Poco on the other hand is 100% adorable and lovable. He acts like a child and has the cutest actions and personality that will melt your heart. The supporting cast is also so amazing they all have different personalities and goals and they are just so well developed. 

The soundtrack was amazing and the opening was an absolute banger. The music made me cry so much especially at the end of the series. 

The animation was average but I really enjoyed the art style of the backgrounds and how the characters were drawn. 

The Bad:

I'm not going to lie when I say I'm a little biased on this anime so here are some problems some people might not like. 

First off some episodes get really slow at parts, but it's a slice of life so idk if this really is a complaint. (I was into it the whole time so personally it wasn't a problem for me). 

 The ending- not spoiling but it has this cut off from the scene that leaves you guessing and there isn't a S2. But dang that end was powerful. 


Watch it. It's an underrated slice of life that has so many important values hidden in it. It's also only 12 eps so you'll finish it fast. If you like Barakamon or Gakuen Babysitters you'll definitely enjoy it! 

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Jan 11, 2017

When I first started to watch this, I didn't really know what to expect.  I wasn't sure what sort of slice-of-life values were going to be in it, and what it was going to focus on and teach.  Of course, the name being what it was, I thought it would have to do with udon; I wasn't completely off base in that, but there was much more to this than udon.

Family, growing up, and finding one's place in the world even at the age of 30 was what was presented when I watched it.


30-year-old Souta Tawara, a web designer who had moved to Tokyo, comes back to his hometown in Kagawa after his father's death to originally help clean out the house which was next to the now closed-down udon shop his father used to run.

When he enters the udon shop portion next to the house, he finds a young child sleeping in there who is more than what he seems.

Souta then meets old friends, and with memories of his time in Kagawa triggering (quite mysteriously), starts to wonder if working in Tokyo is really what he wants to do, or if he wishes to stay in Kagawa.


Souta Tawara is an indecisive 30 year old who started to grow to dislike Kagawa as he found his own calling not in creating udon like his father, but in web design.  As he comes back to his home town, he starts to regret his decision and feels he was selfish in his decision.

Poco is a young "child" who is adopted by Souta.  He's innocent, cute, and holds a huge secret which Souta discovers in the first episode.  He also seems to have a mysterious power to help people remember things, and can spark long forgotten memories.

Shinobu Nakajima is a childhood friend of Souta who works at a hospital.  He doesn't get along well with his father, and his mother is constantly pressuring him to get married.  He's a bit brash and rough around the edges and speaks his mind easily, but isn't quite sure of his own future and is still a dependable friend.

Rinko Oishi is Souta's older sister.  She wants to be better with handling children, but is often put out with how most kids are afraid of her.  She gives off a feeling of maturity, though she's uncertain of her future just as much as the other characters are.

Other characters appear, and though they're important (such as the person who discovered Souta's talents with web design, and Souta's eccentric work partner from Tokyo who is ironically the first to discover Poco's secret), they seem to know where they are in the world and thus the focus isn't on them.

Animation and Sound

I nearly didn't watch this anime because, with the exception of Poco, everyone else seemed to have the same generic, boring character design that anime characters have been getting over the past couple years.  There was nothing really special about the character artwork, though the backgrounds were incredible many times and really brought out the feel of the countryside.

The intro song is catchy, and the outro song fits well with a slice-of-life anime.  I always watch the intro and outro songs on the first episode (or second when the first episode of an anime sometimes skips them; this was not the case with this anime).  The background music played perfectly with the daily situations and dramas the characters got into, and was profound when it needed to be but subtle enough at other times to push the mood.


I'm going to try to keep this as spoiler-free as possible. 

I marathoned this series.  It's only 12 episodes long, and each episode is actually closer to 17-18 minutes in length rather than the typical 23 minutes due to it dedicating about two minutes to Gaogao at the end.  This is not really a good or strong point of the anime, but it does make it easier to watch all 12 episodes in one sitting.

While I kept clicking for the next episode and enjoyed watching to find out what Souta would ultimately decide in regards to his future, and was pleased that this series actually took a 30 year old as a protagonist who still wasn't sure where his life was going and had regrets towards his deceased parents (particularly his father), there were some drawbacks.

The series moved in the typical day-to-day format that most slice-of-life anime tend to proceed at.  Souta (and Poco) were the two most developed characters with a side dish of Nakajima and Rinko, but if the episodes had been at full length, perhaps we could have seen more of those two since they have their own struggles.

Not once in the entire series do we meet Rinko's husband.

In an anime about family, growing up, and finding one's place in the world...I found that small tidbit disappointing. 

Also, even though the main focus was on Souta, and Nakajima's issues with his father are addressed in one of the episodes, it felt like an "oh by the way" sort of thing. 

Rinko got a little more screentime at the end to express some of her own worries, but it was extremely short.  Yes, neither Nakajima nor Rinko are the protagonists (Souta and Poco are), but I felt like their situations should have had a little more to it.

The final episode, though it had me practically bawling, felt a little like a cop-out.  There was no reason for it to have ended in the way it did, and while part of the show's message is growing up and moving on, it didn't really happen in a proper way. 

I think that's the issue; there were hints at the ending and what was to come, as well as other tidbits in Poco's behavior.  However, the way in which it was done in the anime was not in a proper time nor place, and while this emotional moment was going on, it didn't include everyone else. 

I hear that, in the manga, that event doesn't happen...which isn't unusual for 12-episode series (especially with the manga incomplete), but the ending is one that I both understand and disagree with.

I understand what happened and why, but I don't agree with what the animators ultimately decided with in regards to a particular character.  Souta gets closure, but I'm not too keen on the rest of what happened.

Family is important, be they the people you're related to by blood or the people (and animals) you've had in your life who support and love/care about you.  People grow up and find their own journeys in life; That's the main message in this series.

However, the ending still bothers me.  Though we're teased a bit after the credits, that doesn't make up for what they did.  I did dock some points for that; I had to.  It really wasn't placed properly, and though it was obvious of what was happening during the anime, it both didn't mesh with the story (which is mostly light-hearted and fun) nor with the situation (which went from everyone having a good time to tissue alert in a split second).

Then, there was how everyone acted afterwards which also bothered me.  I'm no stranger to loss; even if you know who your friends and family are, and know they'll always be in your heart even if they're no longer in this world or beside you...the characters continue as if they aren't saddened at all by the turn of events.

To me, that's unrealistic and frustrating. 

In short, the series was really good up until the last couple minutes of episode 11, and what the animators decided in episode 12 (especially as they tease us and make us think that we're getting a 100% happy ending just to turn around and go "NOPE").  It doesn't match up with the light-hearted tone the rest of the series had (yes, there were some serious parts, but that's expected in a slice-of-life series), and just doesn't feel like a proper ending.

However, I would recommend this series if you're a fan of slice-of-life.  It's definitely worth the journey, and though the characters can feel a bit flat at times and the final episode (though a tear-jerker) wasn't done very well, it's still a pretty good slice-of-life anime.

4/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
5/10 characters
7/10 overall