Poco's Udon World

Alt title: Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2016
4.047 out of 5 from 3,948 votes
Rank #797

30 year-old web designer Souta Tawara takes a leave of absence from his job in Tokyo to return to his hometown and sort out his family's affairs. His recently-deceased father's udon restaurant is now closed, and the house Souta and his sister grew up in stands empty. Ridden with guilt over disappointing his father, Souta is beginning to doubt the choices he's made in life thus far. While trying to figure out how he should move forward, he meets what appears to be a small boy sleeping in one of his father's old kitchen pots, but who turns out to be a shape-shifting tanuki! Cute, playful and full of energy, Souta names him Poco and the two develop a strong bond. But now he faces a conundrum: should he quit his job in Tokyo and remain in the countryside, or will he again leave his childhood home in favor of the big city, leaving Poco all alone?

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Story: It is about a 30 year old man named Souta who takes a leave from his job and goes back home to assist with family affairs of his father recently passing. He goes back home to encounter the memories he had of the past along with an Udon restaurant his father once ran. He encounters a child, which he gives the name Poco. The child, who is an actual shapeshifting tanuki, becomes quite important in Souta's life as their bond develops and strengthens, leaving the main character questioning some life choices he must face. The storyline is adorably captivating. It was touching with a peaceful pace and gentle humor. Animation/Art: The anime is full of vibrant colors, crisp and catching to the eye. The look has a bright yet simpler feel to it which compliments the characters nicely. Sound: The sound resonated perfectly with this type of anime. There were parts where the sound underlined the scenary beautifully and fitted the situation as needed. Characters: The two main characters, which the anime focuses mostly on, were so compatible.The relationship between the two were just and adorable. Souto questions his guilty feelings toward his father and questions his life challenges. He is patient, kind and also very dedicated to Poco's needs. Poco is innocent and lively, bringing such adorableness to everyone's life. We meet several other characters and though they may not play as major of a role, they certainly aid to the support of the storyline and character development. Overall: Poco's Udon World is a sweet and warmhearted slice of life watch. Secret Santa Review 2019

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