Plus-sized Misadventures in Love!

Alt title: Debu to Love to Ayamachi to!

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Plus-sized Misadventures in Love!

"This is the punishment for a fat, ugly girl like me falling in love with someone as beautiful as you..." Yumeko had a mountain of complexes about herself. Then, a terrible accident befalls her. Though somehow saved from the brink of death, Yumeko wakes up a completely different person. "This! I'm SO cute!!" Those around her can't hide their surprise and wonderment at this 180°change... But, Yumeko's new hyper-positive attitude starts to change her surroundings, too. Worries and complexes can affect anyone, and Yumeko will chop right through those of her various supporting characters!! In love, work, friendship... And an attempted murder case?!

Source: MangaPlaza

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