Please Twins: The Summer Never Ends

Alt title: Onegai Twins: Natsu wa Owaranai

OVA (1 ep x 26 min)
3.576 out of 5 from 5,505 votes
Rank #4,602

Summer hijinx abound as Miina, Karen, Maiku, Kei, Mizuho and the rest of the OTwins/OTeacher crew enjoy a short summer vacation by the lake. As the various couples pair off, will Miina finally be able to confess her feelings to Maiku, or will Karen be able to foil her? Is this all a sinister plan of Ichigo's? And what about the rumors of a female ghost that haunts the lake, preying on lonely young men?

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The Summer Never Ends

Episode 1

The Summer Never Ends

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