Please Teacher

Alt title: Onegai Teacher

TV (12 eps)
3.789 out of 5 from 17,226 votes
Rank #2,148

Kei Kusanagi is a shy teenage boy with no romantic experience whatsoever... until he finds out that his hot new teacher is actually an alien! In order to conceal her identity, the two are forced into a pretend marriage... but is it really a pretense, or are they actually falling in love?

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Tell Me, Teacher image

Episode 1

Tell Me, Teacher

I Can't Get Married Anymore image

Episode 2

I Can't Get Married Anymore

This Isn't Right, Teacher image

Episode 3

This Isn't Right, Teacher

Actually, I Think I Love You image

Episode 4

Actually, I Think I Love You

For That Teacher, I… image

Episode 5

For That Teacher, I…

Let's Begin After We Start image

Episode 6

Let's Begin After We Start

Don't Cry Teacher image

Episode 7

Don't Cry Teacher

Long Night image

Episode 8

Long Night

Let's End It Now image

Episode 9

Let's End It Now

But… image

Episode 10


Teacher image

Episode 11


Teacher Once Again image

Episode 12

Teacher Once Again

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haize78's avatar
haize78 Jan 25, 2017
Score 3/10

I'm writing this short review just to vent my frustration. This is a really bad show and I honestly don't get all the positive and highly rated reviews. Ok, I am willing to admit that my rating is excessively harsh, as the anime does have a coherent story; so the rating pretty much reflects my personal dislike. But I just found this anime so extremely disagreeable and annoying, both character-wise and... read more

LuniaAngel's avatar
LuniaAngel Aug 4, 2014
Score 9.8/10

Sooo i just finished this anime and it had a decently sweet plot line that to a point really reminded me of Ano Natsu de Materru with the whole accident thing when they first meet and than the main female having to sacrifice her ability to be at earth to save the main guy put at risk. Another similarity happens to be the whole half alien and having their (Ichika and Mizuhou) father being the human. They also... read more

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