Please Save My Earth

Alt title: Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte

OVA (6 eps)
1993 - 1994
3.463 out of 5 from 987 votes
Rank #4,176

Remnants of a past life on the moon swirl in Alice's dreams after she overhears two of her classmates talking about mutual dreams they are having. Banding together, they set out in search of others who share these dreams, and for answers. All the while the pressing question is, do these memories of a past life determine the course of the present?

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This is a horrible show. I do admit that I wave watched it purely for the hilariously bad and fairly cliché stuff in it, but I didn't think it would be this bad. >Spoiler warning. The story follows mainly Alice, a young and highly sensitive girl, and Rin, her kid neighbor. The title and first few happenings in the anime (humans are compared to the extinct dinosaurs, Alice complaining about the polluted air), might bring you to think that this is some series with a moral like "stop eating cows because they cause more air pollution than all cars together lol" but nope. In fact, the dinosaurs are briefly mentioned later again, but play no moral part in the anime. I don't believe there was in fact a moral. More teens are introduced, all having one thing in common, having "moon dreams", or dreaming of their person as they were aliens living on the moon (who incidentally looked exactly like humans). Some drama and hassle went down between their alien selves, affecting in ways their current selves and relationships, causing some crushing and loathing. Now I am not exactly a sucker for drama animes, love triangles, Only Six Faces, emotional girls and emotional boys, but I did watch the anime just for that. It was all there. And then it got worse. The story itself had potential, I will admit that the whole aliens' depressing tale of how they ended up on Earth after disaster after disaster could have been good. But the way it was presented, lack of certain things such as reoccuring factors and characters, interesting but simple and moreover logical dialogue, interesting characters with interesting stories made the whole story succumb to a shitty, meaningless series. I think what bothered me most was that it did not build up logically. It starts off with Alice meeting two classmates having the same dreams, then she has a dream too, then they're onto something, then another moon person with heart problems is introduced, he and his adult friend are hunted on while Alice and her classmates are mostly out of the picture, Rin plays a really big role, some drama is revealed, heart problems guy cries a multitude of times, a shitty action scene, totally serene and femine and in sync with nature Alice comes back in the picture, a past is revealed for over twenty minutes going into depths of a character we never even heard of and their cat, the show is concluded with showing some meaningless 10-second shots of the characters that had been ditched as important roles by the end of it all. There is no conclusion. The three hours you have wasted watching this hilariously crappy anime mean nothing. Somebody probably just thought this was great to put on their portofolio: "made a fully animated movie of three hours". Or who knows, maybe they just liked to draw crying kids. Then there's the characters. Alice is a very sensitive young girl who is absolutely selfless and devoted to pleasing the people around her, animals love her, she sings well, she gets pushed out of a battle ground because that's no place for fragile ladies and the first thing beaten up boys do when the fight's over is ask her if she's okay. Did I mention she talks to plants? She's the girly-girl. It is her. Haruhiku, beforementioned heart problems dude, is pathetic. He cries more than Kaiji (from Kaiji) and I'm pretty sure that at least a third of Please Save My Earth was the sound of him whimpering and screaming at people that they wouldn't understand. Sure, he's a good guy, and being beaten up constantly and frequently nearly drowning is unfortunate, but there is a certain point where being upset isn't even realistic anymore. Nearly every single one of the characters has a sob story past. Wether it is the loss of siblings, being an orphan, near-death experiences, taken in by the house of God, it is in there. Except for the guy above this bullet point, though. He just was sickly. All deaths that occured in the animation (with the exception of the moon people), were traffic accident victims. All of them. Oh, and by the way, that's also how two characters happened to meet. Traffic accidents are a quick and simple solution for things happening outside of the story, yes? There's shounen-ai in there but not really for a reason. Maybe because the chicks dig a gay character. But it has no plot significance whatsoever, and it doesn't come back later on even though a lot of screen time revolted around it. Oh, and it was made to be justified because one of them was actually a girl. Yep. Real classy right there. All the clever characters are shy/quiet, resulting in the ones actually saying things saying absolutely stupid things. Outragous. The dialogue they emit is meaningless. It is entirely possible to watch this repulsive show with your sound turned off and it would make just as much sense. More, maybe, because a lot of mindless and story-unrelated blabber would be cut out. The characters are really, very cliché. But against all the other poop from Please Save My Earth, it's not actually all that bad anymore. Which brings me to the conclusion that Please Save My Earth stinks. There were more most distasteful things about this series that I will spare you, seeing as the above seems enough to discourage anyone who isn't out there to laugh at ridiculous animu... Or to seriously cry over the emotional and sad characters of this thing. Because if that is your thing, I hope I didn't spoil too much of it for you.


in answer to the other review: ain’t no magic without manure my friend!  but more seriously: Mokuren’s eyes were begging me to balance out the negativity.   first, I must say this: as someone who has encountered esp, anime and such are like lifeblood to me in a world where people’s minds have been shut down.  I was having a super hard time last week, and this kinda just showed up like: ‘here’s a gift for you!’ and indeed I feel blessed. also, I am a romantic, I know I know it’s a weakness, but as someone with a dead lover who treasured Romeo & Juliet and The Matrix, I feel more confident in that now than when I was a teenager! do you see how seriously I am taking this review? so, I am not great at reviewing, unfortunately for Mokuren & Shion, Alice & Rin. sorry, guys! but I will do my best. in addition I must say that after finishing this I went on to read all the related manga and found out the author is a bit if an esper herself.  her other long work about Einstein I have yet to begin, but I look forward to it.   story -  without spoiling it...a bunch of kids in Japan meet up through similar dreams about a life on the moon and it takes them on a wild ride.  there is a bit of BL due to the past life sex change stuff, and one of the characters is a bit too different, but not to an unreasonable degree.  the former cracks me up, I know the rainbow ways, the latter...I think perhaps the choice of voice actor was perhaps questionable? the guy is supposed to be wretched though and he accomplishes that. I am diverging into characters, sorry. hmmm if I have an issues it’s how the scifi aspects devolve into fantasy.  like, the world building is great, but relative distances of planets in terms of the galaxy and details about the moon base are definitely ignored.  that’s fine, though.  it’s not the focus.  the focus is essentially somewhat karmic reincarnation.   animation -  the animation is nice, for me. considering when it came out, and little details that frame the story, and the movement of every scene, the perspectives, the original art, I was pleased. however I am no expert and I am sure people will have issues with some of the coloring and the datedness, the fact that the animation only covers half the original story...I wish I could say more but I hope that gives you an idea! sound - I know even less about this, and specifically remember the least. so should I say the sound blends in well or that it’s not all that important in this work...idk.  I liked the music at the end, it definitely invoked the other worldly feel of the author’s work.  the one part I remember that was particularly nice in terms of setting/framing, with birds flying past some key building, the sound seemed done well there. but there was no point where I thought oh this is great.   characters -  well i already mentioned a bit above on accident. many people will find the maint two chara annoying. the girl is an indecisive crybaby nadeshiko type, and the guy is an underage brat with a voice actor to match.  the other characters all have pretty strong personalities, except for one, perhaps, which, like with the wretched guy, is related to the original art.  doesn’t help much if you just wanna watch this 6 episode ova!  the orginal manga is quite nice though, if you are willing to delve in and finish the second half. 12 chapters each up to 300 pages.  the supporting characters are decent to me...I mean...yeah they manage to be either really interesting or supportive to the story with at least a bit of needed personality.  what’s important is how you see the characters in terms of their different egos and their experiences in life.  do you see how the former life affects the present one?  in that sense, the moon base crew are all very interesting, and why they end up in Japan.  how various dimensions intertwine through the character’s stories is what really took my breath away.   overall - I loved it. not everyone will, and I am being true to myself. I hope I offer a bit of perspective at least! my review is actually lower than my actual personal rating, in an effort to be critical.  what I can say is that the feeling I got after watching this was deeper than what I have felt watching even the more incredible anime being released today.  I just watched Haruhi Suzumiya’s story, in wake of the recent tragedy, which also deals with dimensions, and I related the two in my mind.  far less comedy here though!  going in to this, unlike with many other anime, all I had was the description. I am usually looking up all kinds of details about whatever I am watching but right now my computer is broken, which actually made the experience more enjoyable. in conclusion, I recommend this anime! and as many of us who watch it seek answers for themselves, you will see that the overall rating is more reflective of the quality of the anime than any review that can be offered.  regardless, in case you were wondering, yes I will be watching this again! and probably soon...and then resding the whole original manga instead of just the 2nd half, and then I probably won’t reread the continuation for a while, prinarily about the main couple’s children.  it, too, is quite enjoyable though, and long at 80+ chapters.   I am sure I will come back to read this review and find various typos and errors! nonetheless I do not regret typing it out (on my phone) by any means. this is a deep one, folks, one of my favorite parts being the insanity that comes from isolation.  it’s definitely rooted in the alone vs allone balance, the yin & yang, etc.  you may still find it cheesy...I myself am a huge fan of fermentation.  

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