Planetarian Movie: Hoshi no Hito

Movie (1 ep x 117 min)
3.992 out of 5 from 783 votes
Rank #1,044
Planetarian Movie: Hoshi no Hito

In the future after much of the world has been devastated by nuclear and biological warfare, a young scavenger or 'Junker' exploring a quarantined and abandoned city comes across a service robot still faithfully awaiting customers in the rooftop planetarium of a department store. Against his pragmatic instincts he helps the robot repair the planetarium's projector: a decision which will change both their fates.

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The whole Planetarian anime franchise feels like a broken record player that's stuck on repeat mode. The movie follows the same formula as the OVAs, and web episodes. The scenes are reused too much. Those "high ratings" are for an anime franchise that repeats the same story and settings over and over again. It's like listening to the same melody and song with the same constant beats, verses, rhymes, choruses, and rhythms over and over again.  It's the same apocalyptic and sci-fi setting where Yumemi and human kind is faced with abandoned cities full of the wrecked remains of biological and nuclear warfare. Even when the city is deserted, Yumemi stays to fulfill her job as the guide to the Planetarian. She gives lectures and educates people on the wonders of the planetarian. She has a lot of fond, tender, and heartwarming moments of sharing pleasant experiences with the guests and scientific team that stayed in the planetarian.  Yumemi is a warm, and friendly android. She can speak robotic language but she is also very cheerful and upbeat some times. Her main job is to give lectures at the planetarian, and educating the guests. She also helps promote the planetarian and pass out fliers.  Overall, the movie did introduce new characters to expand the story but I still feel like the story has a very limited scope. It reuses scenes too much. But people might enjoy this show if they enjoy mecha and sci-fi settings where humanity is at the brink of destruction, and struggling to survive in the damaged remains. There's brief romance as well.  My enjoyment is a 3/10 at this point for the Planetarian franchise. I enjoyed watching a charming android trying her hardest to promote a deserted planetarian. But I got bored watching and  following the same story over and over again. 

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