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For thirty years, companion robot Hoshino Yumemi has patiently waited to show someone the stars. Left in an abandoned planetarium, she sits hoping for customers that will never show. That is, until a Junker– a plunderer of goods and artifacts from the ruins of civilization—stumbles upon the crumbling establishment. Will he help her repair the planetarium, or will she be alone once more?

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Winner 2016 JV Anime Award: Best Animation I can’t understand how I missed this anime in my preview for the Summer 2016 season since this is another adaptation from a Key VN and I love anime’s that come from that company. So let’s see what I thought of it. *So what did I think about this series? Well the first thing that’s immediately noticeable in this anime was the animation. The animation was beautiful, it was absolutely stunning. Only based on the animation I would have sworn that Planetarian was animated by one of the big companies like A-1 Pictures of KyoAni. Those are known for making beautiful animation. So I was absolutely surprised when I saw that the studio for Planetarian was David Productions who are only known for making Jojo. And the animation in Jojo is questionable, let’s leave it at that. Or another anime that I did see was InuxBoku SS and also there the animation wasn’t amazing. But here in Planetarian it was astonishing both 2D and 3D wise. For a video review, check out my Youtube channel. Link on my profile page. *Now point number 2. Anything that comes from Key, comes with great expectations. I expect nothing less than perfection especially when it comes to the drama. No surprise since they are responsible for some very sad anime’s like Clannad and Little Busters! and God did Planetarian not disappoint. Now it wasn’t as tearjerking as let’s say Clannad but Planetarian delivered what I call hidden sadness. It doesn’t shove the sadness right in your face but they subtly hint it in the atmosphere that the anime emits. And here it was Yumemi’s ignorance that delivered the sadness. Because she’s a robot she doesn’t really understand what happens around here but then at times it seems she does and that’s what created the whole dramatic atmosphere of Planetarian.  *And without going into spoilers, the feels were strong in the final episode. Wauw, you feel it coming throughout the episodes but then when we arrive in the final episode it’s still so sad. But apart from the final episode there was one sentence in this anime that in my opinion was the most beautiful one of the series. And it was when the guy asks Yumemi “Are you retarted?” and she responds with “No, I’m just a little broken.”. That sentence just pierced my hearth since it carries so much meaning about the story and about Yumemi’s character. So Planetarian reached the high expectations that I have for everything that comes from Key. *All that’s left for me to say is that I’m full of anticipation for the Planetarian movie that will be released on September 3rd which will continue the story of this ONA series which acted as a precursor. I’ll probably have to wait long until it reaches the Western world but I know that it’ll be worth it. Conclusion So as a conclusion, Planetarian was one hell of a short anime. If this would have been a full sized anime than this would have been gold. This could have been, in my opinion, my Anime Of The Year. Planetarian is by far the best short anime I’ve seen, it’s the saddest one and the one with the most story-development. And that’s why I’m going to rate Planetarian at 4 stars which is by far the highest score I’ve given to a short anime till today. I really anticipate the movie to enjoy more of that Key goodness.


Planetarian is a Japanese post-apocalyptic visual novel developed by Key, whose previous works also include Kanon and Air. It was released over the Internet on November 29, 2004 for Windows PCs, and is rated for all ages. The game was later ported to the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable, as well as to mobile devices. Key defines Planetarian as a ‘kinetic novel’, since its gameplay offers no choices or alternate endings: the player proceeds through the story solely by reading. In 2016 the visual novel receives an anime (which adapts the main game’s story) and a movie adaption. The author describes Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume as ‘A certain woman's story’ and Planetarian: Hoshi no Hito as ‘A certain man's story’.Hoshino Yumemi is the robot working at a shopping mall. She was created by a group of scientists to advertise the planetarium she was working in, as well as to help customers. One day, however, the humanity shows its true color and the world we know no longer exists. Humans still exist, though, but it will take you awhile to find even one. Anyways, the poor robot still fulfills her duties, but does it rarely, since electricity is quite a big rarity. However, this dead city still has many valuables and because of that, The Junker chooses this city. Running away from the robots that still protect the city, he finds himself in the planetarium, where Hoshino Yumemi works. At first, he regards her as a threat, but after some time he reconsiders his attitude towards her and even stays to help her repair the projector.It is quite a task to give a good description of the story-line of this anime without giving away spoilers. But I must say that it is surprisingly well-written; you are given all the information you need. It has never been annoying and it surely will not be boring, since there are just… TOO MANY DISTURBING THINGS about it.Animation wise, it does its magic well. The world of Planetarian is very dark and gloomy and the animation perfectly depicts the emptiness of the dead city. The anime also has some good character designs and pays attention to many small details. Sound wise, the ED song ‘Twinkle Starlight’ by Sayaka Sasaki fits the theme of the series well. The background sounds and the music fit each scene, too. Most of the time you will hear The Junker’s monologues, who is voiced by Ono Daisuke, by the way. Do I even need to add anything?Character wise, there are two main characters: The Junker and Yumemi Hoshino. Yumemi is a robot who was designed to look like a teenage girl. She is programmed to be helpful to the customers visiting the shopping mall and the planetarium. The Junker is the protagonist and also the narrator of the series. He wanders into the dead city trying to find some valuables and food. There, in the dead city, he meets a robot. He is living a very difficult life and because of that he has quite a problematic personality. However, as the series progresses, he undergoes some awesome character development.Before finishing my review, I would like to explain one thing. You should only evaluate Planetarian after finishing BOTH the movie and the ONA. Without its continuation, the OVA is average. However, after finishing the movie, you will have a good understanding of what Planetarian really is. Planetarian is a great sci-fi series, which depicts a situation that might also happen with the world we live in; there is a probability that it might happen. Aside from the realism, the anime offers a very dark story with some great drama, which is never forced, or overused.All in all, this show deserves 8/10. The only problem that I have with it is that it becomes boring sometimes; Key’s fans you are ready, though. That said, Planetarianit is still a very unique picture with a grain of realism. If you like the anime, do check the vn!

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