Place to Place

Alt title: Acchi Kocchi

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Everyone has a circle of friends they hang out with. But even within a small group there are smaller groups of friends, best friends and, here's where it gets complicated, boyfriends and girlfriends. Sometimes relationships just develop in a way where you're not exactly sure what you are to the other person. Which is the problem Tsukimi has when it comes to Io: he seems to be totally clueless about how she's starting to feel. It's a puzzle she'll have to solve in Place to Place.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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Acchi Kocchi (Tagged SPOILERS ramble, only at the end of the review)IntroductionAcchi Kocchi is a slice of life school romcom where romance means "unspoken love".MusicOP: opening is Acchi de Kocchi de or Over There, Over Here. It's sung by the main characters of the anime and it's one of the cutest anime openings in existence. If you don't smile while listening to it you have no soul.ED: ending is Te o Gyu Shite ne or Grasp My Hand. It's sung by Rumi Ookubo who voices Miniwa. It's a solo song and like the beginning opening it's cute as heck. The voice actor has a very pretty voice in the endearing sense. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. While it's not the best opening, I love it. I would sit and listen to it at the end of every episode.AnimationThe animation is very cute. The backgrounds and foregrounds are charming, simple and are ultimately just a means to make the main characters stand out more. All the characters are cute, unique and colourful. I love them all. They're almost chibi and sometimes even drawn in chibi for certain moments. The show uses the familiar spirals, blue lines, floral patterns and bubbles type backdrops to denote the characters moods along with their expressions. Both main characters have "ahoge" or hair antennae. Miniwa has cat ears and a tail sometimes, which is never addressed or explained as I recall. : - )CharactersIo Otonashi: Glasses, intelligent (OBVIOUSLY; HE HAS GLASSES) inspiration to all gentleman.The difference between Otonashi and the generic male lead is he's so smart he knows she loves him the whole time and you see the reasons why he chooses not to confess. It's not because he doesn't want to ruin what they have, it's because he's happy with the way things are. Them being in love. Her loving him. Him knowing it and loving her back.Tsukimi Miniwa: Loli, runner for cutest anime character ever, shy, a bit dumb sometimes.I love this character more than my own mother, which is saying a lot. Tsumiki Miniwa is quite possibly THE cutest anime girl. A girl as cute as her doesn't even need to be endearing, but she is. How she acts, around Otonashi especially, will make you love her even more. She's willing to go to amazing lengths just for him. In the words of How I Met Your Mother she's a "dobler". At times she's the very definition of doing and thinking crazy, fanatical things but coming off as charming."The Dobler-Domer theory: If both parties like each other mutually, a romantic gesture becomes 'charming,' but if only one person likes the other, the same romantic gesture becomes 'creepy'"The rest of the main characters:Hime Haruno, Mayoi Katase and Sakaki Inui are Otonashi and Miniwa's friends (no love triangles here(THANK GOD)). They're there for comedy and some side plot. Each of them is wonderful. Hime is there to say dumb things and nosebleed at all the ridiculous cute things Miniwa does, Mayoi is there for crazy klutz comedy, and Sakaki is there to be Otonashi's a little bit pervy joking friend, while Otonashi himself is the straight man. That's one thing I have to applaud the show for doing; taking 5 characters, making them loveable and a valuable part to the show, and not adding anymore. The formula is perfect.StoryBeing told over years of the character's high school lives and being a slice of life and romance anime; you pretty much know what you're getting. School life, cooking, sports, snowball fights, cleaning the pool, mountain vacation, summer festival, school festival, christmas, new years, valentines, white day, and a bunch of shenanigans in between. Just teenagers having fun in their daily lives and their relationships with each other. Some of the story has to do with Otonashi and Miniwa's unspoken love. Usually when her and Otonashi are together Miniwa has these thought bubble cutscenes that play through her mind of what she wants to do with Otonashi. Quite often something like holding his hand and in her head she's saying "Just hold his hand. TAKE INITIATIVE." it drives a lot of the scenes into her getting flustered. It's the endearing part I was talking about. It also made me think long and hard about what shy girls might be thinking when I'm not taking the initiative. :PNegatives/PositivesTo me this anime is flawless. There are no negatives at all. And there are more than enough positives to add up to a 10/10 in all I've mentioned.ConclusionAcchi Kocchi is one of the greatest anime of all time.SPOILERS BELOW----------SPOILERS:_____Best moment of Acchi Kocchi, why Otonashi is so amazing, why his and Miniwa's love is so amazing, and why I think the ending was perfect:The best series of moments in the anime is the ones where she's waiting outside in the cold for him PRETENDING TO BUMP INTO HIM every morning so they can walk to school together. At one point he's late you see him run up to where she's still waiting despite him being late and he says "sorry for making you wait" and she blushes embarassed he knew she had been waiting for him every day. It is THE MOST heartwarming romance I've ever seen. Enough to warm my whole body in the cold of winter. The whole anime has the main characters Otonashi and Miniwa caring for each other in a show of love stronger than any other school-life romance anime I've seen. Otonashi is the very definition of a gentleman, letting Tsumiki take their relationship at her own pace. This man's patience is ridiculous. AND HE'S PERFECT THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE ANIME. NO DRAMA. And always says the right thing to make Miniwa's anxious worries to rest. He's an inspiration. They don't even call each other by their first names for the majority of the anime! But when they reach that relationship milestone and she FINALLY calls him Io and he calls her Tsumiki. It makes you feel good for years. I feel good thinking about it now. After tagging along with this group of high school students there's an undeteriminate end, like most anime. It ends on an episode that's just like any other. You don't know if they ever date, or get married. But to me, unlike other anime where you're mad they haven't confessed, it was the perfect ending. You know they love each other. You know they'll be together forever. And for goodness sake they're still young. They don't need to rush into anything!


Greetings, fellow anime viewers. It's the one and thankfully only RandomRedneck, here with another review for all y'all. Checking out a show because of total boredom can lead to either good or bad things. In this case, it was a good thing. A hilarious, almost annoyingly cuteness good thing. This, is Acchi Kocchi. Let us begin, shall we? STORY Being a comedy about high school students, the story isn't exactly amazing. You've got your typical, episodic type deals here. Having snowball fights, visiting a shrine on New Years, Valentines Day, that sort of thing. But that is in no way a bad thing. It actually works rather well for this show. ANIMATION Animation is alright. It shines best during the action-y sort of stuff. like the aforementioned snowball fight, kick the can, volleyball, and so on. Basically, if it's a common kids game, this show will animate it like an action show. And it's pretty awesome. SOUND Not really much to mention on the sound front. The opening and ending theme are pretty nice, and the VA's all do good jobs voicing their characters. CHARACTERS Hetalia had personifications of countries. Upotte!! had personifications of guns. This show has basically the personification of utter cutenness, in one Tsumiki Miniwa. I mean...good lord. This girl is basically walking cute in human shape. The cat ears help a lot in that regard. Her utterly oblivious crush, Io, is a good character as well. A stoic pencil twirler, with a badass streak in him to boot. He rules. Rounding out the ensemble is Mayoi, a cat mouthed troll with a penchant for weird inventions, Hime, the token sweet and ditzy girl, and Sakaki, who is...Sakaki. Can't exactly describe him very well here. Characters are a great selling point for this show. OVERALL This show manages to be annoyingly cute, utterly hilarious, and nicely heartwarming, sometimes all at once. A definite watch if you're looking for a show to make you smile. Check out Acchi Kocchi. You won't be sorry. Thank you. Yours truly, RandomRedneck.

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