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Alt title: Pinocchio-P: Because You’re Here

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Omoi: Greenlights Serenade

Omoi: Greenlights Serenade

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YuiYui YuiYui says...

Both Pinocchio-P and Omoi's works are quite close to my heart and these songs in particular have quite a similar theme. Because You're Here and Greenlights Serenade are songs created for the sole purpose of the being the themes of the Magical Mirai events in the allocated years, due to this the themes are each song are quite similar and focuses on the relationship between the vocaloid (in these cases Miku in particular) and the vocaloid community. This is also where they differ slightly where Omoi's song focuses a lot on bringing these two entities together whereas Pinocchio-p decided to focus more on the bond between these two things and how they may grow distant over time, but they still have a very similar underlying message which I think represents what we stand for as the vocaloid community.

In terms of the music and song itself, they are both quite upbeat and similar in that sense, but there is still a hint of both of the artists' personal flair which is important to be able to differentiate. They are also both fully animated music videos, and honestly some of the best of the animated vocaloid music videos in my personal opinion. Due to this I believe if you like one of these videos 100% check out the other as I highly doubt you'll be disappointed x