Pinky Street

OVA (2 eps x 12 min)
1.788 out of 5 from 121 votes
Rank #9,305

Forget the fashion police or a therapist – the Pinky Street action figure Saki is here to save the day! Mei is a tomboyish girl who would love to spend more time on fashion like her favorite Pinky Street figure, if she wasn’t busy being hassled by her male classmates; Keiichirou is an otaku who collects Pinky Street figures, and who has just been in a fight with a good friend. Both are taken in their sleep to the fabulous Pinky Town, where they are taken to a clothing store, toy store, and have a bite to eat with Saki herself! What other insights await our heroes?

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sothis Apr 12, 2008
Score 5.6/10

Have you ever wanted to watch Barbie on the big screen? Replace the American staple with a line of dolls called Pinky Street, and you have this cute, yet relatively shallow anime. While Pinky Street has two episodes, each is a completely separate story - the two together totaling only thirty minutes in length. The first episode follows a girl who has a tomboy reputation and a desire to immerse... read more



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