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Alt title: Mitsuami no Kami-sama

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Jul 15, 2019

Talking inanimate objects.

Need more be said?

Oh alright. Let's explore this 28 minute movie.


A young girl is putting her laundry out to dry with close-line clips. These clips are not ordinary, they talk and fight. Less than three minutes in there’s an all out war - Red VS White.

The winner . . . well you’ll have to watch for yourself.


The world is composed of a house on a shore where a young girl is subjected to weekly inspections where she’s weighed, prodded and fluids are taken. Her necessities are brought right inside by these scientists. The one thing that’s missing: mail. The mail man has nothing for her not even circulars. Or does he?


A wall separates one world from another: the reason isn’t as gruesome as some other stories but it’s significance is no less meaningful. When the girl learns the reason she has to decide whether to remain where she is or run. The decision she makes takes more than her own desires into account.



The soft lines and colors of the characters - innanimate objects included here - are very pleasing to the eye. They also aid the story in a way that can't be fully explained without revealing too much. In a round-about way considering the complimentary animation style with the isolated setting as a metaphor for a simple beautiful life in a here and now/ enjoy what you've got would be a good teaser. 


The sound design focuses heavily on the movement of the waves upon the shore, the blowing breeze, the crunch of sand under foot, the fall of rain and other everyday sounds. Diloge and human speach are almost nonexistent. The innanamte objects provide the bulk of exposision and are the major players in introcuding the viewer to the world.

Music - instrumental, lyrical and vocalizing are all used and their contribution are not without deep consideration and mixed well with the sound design. At no point does any one sound overpower another or feel as if it is unneeded.

Silence is not to be feared. Not every scene needs to have someone - or something - talking. Simplistic silence speaks


Truth can be tricky. 

Technology can provide entertainment but it can also distract from what’s important. 

Living in a box is not ‘cause of alarm if the individual is happy where they are. 

Being old doesn’t make one useless. 

Having an imperfect body is not cause for elimination. 

People and things are to help one another in any way they can.


Side Note: Keep your eyes open and you’ll catch more than one clue about what’s going on in this world before the girl does. 

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall