Piano no Mori

Movie (1 ep x 100 min)
4.145 out of 5 from 2,169 votes
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Born into the wealthy family of a famous musician, Shu Amamiya feels it is his fate to become a professional pianist. But when he transfers to a new elementary school, his goal is threatened by an obnoxious classmate, Ichinose Kai, who has the ability to produce beautiful sound from a piano that was thought to be broken. The two quickly become friends; however, their friendship is tested when they face off in a competition to determine who has the better skill, greatest ambition, and the strongest love for the piano.

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VivisQueen May 17, 2008
Score 8/10

After being told that Piano no Mori was about a piano in a forest and two friends who become rivals in a competition, I thought I was in for something trite and maybe a bit vague. In actual fact, the ‘piano competition' setup ends up being rather secondary when you consider the movie as a whole; far more important is the portrayal of two friends who, through their differences, learn valuable... read more

Ryukami's avatar
Ryukami Apr 10, 2018
Score 7/10

Pretty good prologue to Kai and Shuuhei's journey on the path of playing piano professionally, but it's not all about playing piano, there is also friendship/rivalry between the 2 boys, other story elements are only implied (like how Kai's mother most likely works as an escort of sorts). Animation is good and does a fine job in portraying piano playing. Great sound, music is all classical beautiful... read more

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