Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle 2

Alt title: Phi-Brain ~ The Puzzle of God Season 2: Orpheus Order

TV (25 eps)
3.779 out of 5 from 2,252 votes
Rank #2,140

The battle with POG is over, but Kaito's determination to rid the world of lethal puzzles remains, stronger than ever. Alongside Ana, Cubic, Gammon and Nonoha, Kaito continues tackling each Puzzle of Fools he can find, taking them down with ease. But soon, the gang discovers that a new group known as the Orpheus Order is in town, and they're willing to do whatever it takes – even manipulating others around them – to achieve their ultimate, sinister goal: to learn more about the Orpheus amulet and force all of humanity to unlock their true potential, no matter the deadly cost. With new treacherous puzzles to solve and their friends' lives at stake, Kaito and the group must use their intellects once more to take down the Orpheus Order.

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Orpheus Order image

Episode 1

Orpheus Order

Darkness of the Heart image

Episode 2

Darkness of the Heart

Licky-Licky's Trap image

Episode 3

Licky-Licky's Trap

Night of the Knights image

Episode 4

Night of the Knights

Wandering Galileo image

Episode 5

Wandering Galileo

The Battle is Investigating the Puzzle image

Episode 6

The Battle is Investigating the Puzzle

The Promise image

Episode 7

The Promise

I Want to Give You Happy-Smiley image

Episode 8

I Want to Give You Happy-Smiley

The Truth Behind the Smile image

Episode 9

The Truth Behind the Smile

Puzzle Time Won't Begin! image

Episode 10

Puzzle Time Won't Begin!

Even Nonoha Wants to Solve Them! image

Episode 11

Even Nonoha Wants to Solve Them!

Minotaur's Lure image

Episode 12

Minotaur's Lure

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dekershekers's avatar
dekershekers Nov 15, 2013
Score 5/10

STORY - 5.5/10
It's very hard to go wrong with the story of this anime. They set it up really well in the first season, so it should be easy. Sadly, though, they do go wrong with this series. It seems so underwhelming compared to the previous series. They could have easily made it way cooler than the last one, as there was so much source material to work with. However, its basically the same as the last... read more

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