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In the rural town of Ayukawa, humans live side by side with monsters of different races. Though they appear to be human, these monsters have special characteristics such as the abilities to change shapes, to grow claws, to blend into walls and many others. Hatoko, nicknamed Petoko, is one such monster from the Petopeto race; she has an unfortunate tendency to, quite literally, stick to those who make contact with her.  One day, she sticks to a boy named Shingo as he tries to stop her falling into a pool. During their enforced togetherness, Shingo begins to like her, but Petoko worries about whether she - as a perfectly designed trap for male humans - can ever be truly loved...

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Peprica Sep 25, 2017
Score 10/10

Love this anime! Petopeto-san  is An anime adaptation of light novel series by Kou Kimuraran that ran from July 9, 2005 to October 1, 2005.The story of the childhood and first love of youkai. Petoko is a cute youkai that goes to school with a mix of other yoki from Japanese mythology and human children. Petoko is a minor monster, with only the power to stick to something she... read more

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AshForReal Feb 25, 2017
Score 8/10

Pretty good anime with warmhearted feeling...Story about a youkai girl called Petoko and a human boy,Shingo.This series shows how they got through their differences and developed feelings to each other..The problem is Petoko is a yokai that stick to anyone she touch even accidentally,it will complicated if she stuck to a stranger,especially a boy...How about Shingo's feelings to see the girl he loves stuck to... read more



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