Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time

Alt title: Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan

TV (12 eps x 13 min)
2.809 out of 5 from 3,858 votes
Rank #16,978

Peter Grill is the world’s strongest fighter and women around the world, human and monster alike, want to bear his children! Since he’s currently engaged to the love of his life, Peter isn’t too keen on his sudden popularity...

Source: HIDIVE

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When a horny man opened power point for the first time and pasted together some animated gifs this anime was born. Not really but not far from the truth. The production value is as lower tier as this anime's story ultimately is. The premise is uncomfortably close to ''Infidelity'' and the only excuse is that they're not married yet and that the girl he is being Infidele towards has the ignorance of a child when it comes to doing the dirty if not more so than most children. The anime is basically playing it dirty by making this woman so unbelievably dense and a non-presence that she's basically a plot point just to almost tick the ''NTR" box.  That said the plot could have worked if he had just had a massive crush on her so let's just imagine that's the case and they aren't engaged or anything. How does the plot stand up if you don't consider the most morally questionable element of the show? Well, stand up it certainly does. *cough* sorry. The shows story is basically a guy being such a horndog that he just cannot keep it in his pants long around good looking girls especially after his crush utters her moonheaded thoughts about how getting children works.  That people want to mate with this strongest man to produce the strongest offspring is a large part of why he's drowning in female attention and most of the anime's time is spend of ''fleshing out'' disrobbed or disrobbing girls. Ticking mostly boxes for female body types or at least bust sizes as the anime isn't really consistent with character height a lot of the time. I'm still not sure of the elf girls height as her height relative to other characters changes quite a lot, I blame plot magic, ha. *cough* I'll let myself out.  Other than the girls engaging activities with him and the lead up to the activities the anime goes out of it's way to end the series on a arc that doesn't really focus on that but it doesn't really matter. There's some variance in introduction of the girls starting with the orc girl but most of the other females just show up for his seed. Now, I honestly, have to finish this with saying the most absurd thing about this anime after writing that it's basically about peter on the bed activities. Despite the all this the anime is impressively unsexy most of the time. Other than some cleavage appeal and bust appeal the females bouncing on top of him sounds like something you'd would like to watch on certain sites. But fear not the limited animation and way of showing these scenes has made sure that I doubt you'll pull down your pants while watching this. You could probably marathon this before getting halfway anywhere I think. Watch this out of morbid curiousity like I did and don't expect it to be exciting much in that particular way.

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