Perrine Monogatari

Alt title: Story of Perrine

TV (53 eps)
3.506 out of 5 from 173 votes
Rank #3,229

Perrine is a young girl who lives in Bosnia with her Indian mother and beloved father – that is, until her father passes away, leaving her mother with a single wish: travel to France to be with his father. The over 1,000 kilometer journey seems unfathomable, but Perrine and her mother have a plan: they will photograph people in the towns along the way to support themselves. With their hardy donkey Palikare and faithful dog Baron, the two set forth for Paris; along the way they encounter kind souls, barren villages, and a number of hardships; will Perrine and her mother survive the long journey to France?

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Neilanamai Jan 25, 2019
Score 10/10

It's a simply fantastic work. From the music along with every moment, in each emotion caused by the different situations in which our protagonists are, it's just magnificent. I don't get tired of this anime, I watched in my childhood and it still pulling out few tears every time I watch it again.
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