Perrine Monogatari

Alt title: Story of Perrine

TV (53 eps)
3.578 out of 5 from 183 votes
Rank #4,499

Perrine is a young girl who lives in Bosnia with her Indian mother and beloved father – that is, until her father passes away, leaving her mother with a single wish: travel to France to be with his father. The over 1,000 kilometer journey seems unfathomable, but Perrine and her mother have a plan: they will photograph people in the towns along the way to support themselves. With their hardy donkey Palikare and faithful dog Baron, the two set forth for Paris; along the way they encounter kind souls, barren villages, and a number of hardships; will Perrine and her mother survive the long journey to France?

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STORY World Masterpiece Theatre is back at it making our hearts ache over a tragic tale about a young child... Now that her father's passed away, Perrine will suffer hardship after hardship on her long journey to meet her estranged grandfather. If traveler life wasn't tough enough with bad weather and competing business rivals, there's also illness and rugged terrain to overcome. This does not even encompass the challenges that go along with being so poor (do we buy food or camera equipment necessary to make more money? where will we sleep tonight? etc.) The pacing might be slower than average, but there's always some conflict or heartwrenching moment in every episode. ANIMATION It's very simple yet very realistic in its portrayl of the times when electricity had only recently been invented. The old factory machines were especially interesting to see in action rather than how we seen them stagnant only in museums today. SOUND Fine. Fine. It's all fine - but can we please talk about the mutilated sound effect they used for the donkey?!?!  CHARACTERS The sheer willpower and kindness of Perrine is unlike anything a regular 13 yearold should possess - and that's what makes her such a charming character. She's more mature due to the situation she's in the the lifestyle she's used to. This level of independence will later serve her well, though. OVERALL A bit lengthy, but seeing as I shed a tear or two I must say that it was worth the watch. If you enjoy seeing charcaters face many difficulties and struggle to find simple happiness, or you enjoy historical dramas, this is definitely up your alley!

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