Patema Inverted

Alt title: Sakasama no Patema

Movie (1 ep x 99 min)
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Princess Patema lives in an underground world,​ but one day tumbles headlong into a void and out into the wide open world above the surface.​ Age is a student on this surface world when he spies Patema hanging upside-down from a tree.​ He pulls her down to safety,​ struggling to keep her earthbound.​ Together they master the art of navigating competeing gravitational forces and set out to discover the secret that keeps their worlds apart.​

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   In a world where people live in an underground city where it's somewhat dark and confined they still live quiet and enjoyable lives. However, one girl by the name of Patema dreams of seeing the real world and exploring the surface. Her curiosity takes her to the danger zone in one of the underground tunnels and although she's been warned to stay away several times she cannot seem to help herself.  On the surface lives a boy name Age who watches the sky despite the fact that the government frowns on such habits. He lives in a world that is very reminiscent of a military dictatorship and the students are taught to focus only on the ground and to never look to the sky for it will take the sinners.On one of her usual trips to the danger zone something unexpected happens and this leads to a meeting between Patema and Age. They both find themselves fascinated by the other. They each see each other as inverted as their worlds are opposite of each other. But this meeting leads to many hidden secrets of the past that begin to come to light as the story unfolds ...     My thoughts on this movie ... it messed with my head so much ... I was like 'oh, this is awesome' and then something unexpected happened and I was like o.O and then everything I thought was blown out of the water and then at the end I was like 'oh ... well that makes more sense!' I know that if you're taking the time to read this you're probably like 'wtf is she going on about?' and I would go into detail but it would totally ruin the plot for you, so just watch the movie and you will totally understand my ramble, trust me! So anyway, ya the plot was a little confusing but fascinating and despite the weirdness of trying to figure out how the freck it happened in the first place I still really loved it! (even if it is rather implausible, but it's an anime so ... anime logic?) The animation was stunning! Took my breath away at times! The soundtrack was wonderful, it really fit the movie and the mood of the story. The characters were awesome! Especially Age and Patema, and Porta was hilarious! xD I loved the friendship that developed between Age and Patema, it was really sweet! And Porta and Age cracked me up! I loved the crab walk scene when they were trying to duck the cameras ... so funny lol. Overall this was a fantastic scifi-anime movie that I thoroughly enjoyed! I highly recommend it!


It has been a while since i have done a review since i haven't watched anime for a while. but since i have started to get into them again, i thought it was time go give reviewing another go since i missed it so much. i particularly decided to review this movie because i noticed that there were hardly any on the movie. and it's simply too good for that to be the case. so here it goes! Visually stunning, with a promise of a sweet love-story, i was instantly intrigued. Petema Inverted is by no means mind-blowing but it's touching -and even quite deep at times- leaving me a lot to think about. It's exactly why i loved this movie so much. Petema lives underground with others like her that they call 'inverted'. She is a rebellious girl whose curiosity gets the best of her one day, leading her cross the barrier that she never should have. It leaves her standing upside down, hanging on to a gate with all her might when she finds herself face to face with a boy in the surface world. They lock eyes, sparks fly, and every other cheesy word you can think of. But it is sweet and cute :).  As time goes on, you find that Eiji doesn't have it so good where he lives either. His world is made up of intense rules and regulations, to the point where there is not a smile within site on any individuals face. People look  robotic rather than human- a fixed wince on their faces, looking lost and weary. But with Petema in the picture Eiji finds himself wanting to protect her. As her people are forbidden in his land, should she be found, the consequences would be dire. And so as they learn to rely and care for one another - facing obstacles in a world where looking at the sky is deemed a sin. A place where people do not have freedom or choice to do much at all. Eiji who has been alone since losing his father now finds new meaning to his life once he meets Petema - and Petema wanting to live life outside sealed walls craves for freedom.  I wouldn't say it is fast paced, but it does run at a more gradual pace. As long as you stay invested, there really shouldn't be a problem. Although we may not have the exact same problems, or hang upside down, there's a lot in this movie that touches the viewers heart. Many of us feels like we don't belong, and not being or feeling accepted is something that we still, and will continue to, struggle with. And so, as these fragile themes are explored, and very much part of the story line, it definitely leaves you with a bit of  a heavy heart.

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