Panzer World Galient OVA

Alt title: Kikou Kai Galient OVA

OVA (3 eps x 60 min)
3.351 out of 5 from 41 votes
Rank #7,991
Panzer World Galient OVA

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Well being the lazy individual that I am I didn't want to watch all 26 episodes of Panzer Wolrd Galient, instead I decieded to settle for this OVA series that covers the series in 2, 1 hour OVAs.... seems legit. The 3rd OVA is a special side story... but not really. Story- So the stroy is that theres this kid named Jojo(hehe) who has to save the kingdom from this bad guy named Mardar. Theres these awesome centaur themed mechs, but the main character uses a more robotic/knight looking one to my disapointment. So yeah Its prety much just Jojo trying to save his kingdom with some minimal plot twists. The 3rd OVA is a side story, but its more like a continuation where Jojo and his brother duke it out and its mostly just action, which is fine with me, because the quality of the 3rd OVA is better than the first two considering it was made later. I say the 3rd OVA seems more like a continuation of the story instead of a side story as it claims to be, considering major characters die. Animation- Like I mentioned before the centaur themed mechs were really awesome looking, I mean I a huge centaur mech with 4 legs and they also shoot this green laser from their torso's and carry these long lance weapons, very cool. However a lot of the mechs are more knight themed and one of them has wings. Can't help but think that this was the inspiration for Escaflowne and perhaps Gundam Wing later on. As I said before the 3rd OVA has better animation than the first two and that works out well, because the 3rd one has the most frequent and also most exciting battle sequences.  Sound- Forgettable, the opening was decent enough though and in actual english Characters- Pretty bad, the main character comes off as kind of a brat until the end and the fact that hes very young during the first two OVA's really detracts from the believability IMO. The villain was bland at best and I honestly do not remember or care much for any of the side characters. Overall- maybe the T.V series is just a lot better, but I honestly did not get much out of this OVA. I thought the mecha design was cool... and thats about it. if you really like mechas and war and stuff I guess give this a shot, especially if your lazy like me and don't want to watch the entire 26 ep original series.

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