Panzer World Galient

Alt title: Kikou Kai Galient

TV (25 eps)
- 1985
2.847 of 5 from 77 votes
Rank #5,529

When Jojo and Jirulu decided to go exploring in a series of caves, they found much more than they expected; for the duo inadvertently stumble across the legendary Iron Giant Galient's resting place! Though initially incapacitated by a blinding light, Jojo awakens in a trance and enters Galient – but what’s even stranger is that he somehow understands how to pilot it! How is this possible, and what is the connection between the mysterious Hirumuka and the lights which were seen during Galient's awakening? Can Jojo solve these mysteries, while also fending off the army of the tyrant Mardoul?

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roriconfan Jul 18, 2012
Score 3/10

Ryosuke Takahashi is mostly known for his work on Votoms, although he has made several other minor jewels such as Blue Gender and Flag. His shows are not appealing to most viewers because they feel slow, with poor action and too dark and depressing settings. Although he has his own fans who love him for the subtle and mature take on his stories, Galient is considered a bad apple, even for them.

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