Panty & Stocking in Sanitary Box

DVD Special (1 ep x 8 min)
3.002 out of 5 from 1,954 votes
Rank #5,163

Even when they’re not out fighting Ghosts, Panty, Stocking and the gang are still up to as much mischief as ever. With Panty throwing the first pitch at a baseball game in her own "special" way, the startling truth behind one of Stockings' favorite snacks being revealed, and Garterbelt making his own bath time fun, there’s never any peace and quiet for the residents of Daten City.

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Syphos Jul 26, 2015
Score 4/10

If you want to see your favorite anime ruined, just watch this. I am dead serious about this. During watching this "OVA", I felt trolled permanently by Gainax. If the main season didn't troll one already, that is. To sum this up in a _serious_ way, this OVA is some sort of "outtake gag reel", consisting of various little 2-3 minute long skits. It might not add much to the story, it's... read more

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Clannadia May 26, 2011
Score 4/10

Having heard that there will be an OVA suite to the acclaimed Gainax's production, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, I was delighted to sit in front of my computer, happy to watch it. And oh the disapointment. There is not enough room in this 8-minute animation to fit in a story but in the actual series they manage to crawl in amusement for about 10 minutes the mini-episode. So why not here? I felt that they... read more

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