Pandane to Tamago-hime

Movie (1 ep x 10 min)
3.369 out of 5 from 276 votes
Rank #3,865

Baba Yaga the witch lives in a house above the countryside, devouring the food around her and grinding bones into dust. One day, Baba Yaga cooks up dozens of eggs to eat, but one of the shells refuses to crack. What's a witch to do but to turn the egg into a magical being that's capable of doing house chores? The egg, Tamago-hime, carries out her duties with a sense of curiosity and wonder – and when a batch of dough comes to life, the two attempt a daring escape...

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racerclc Jun 16, 2019
Score 8/10

(No spoilers included.) During the viewing of this (no dialogue) short film in the Ghibli Museum theater, I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. I wasn't expecting this film to be too great, but after watching, it left me ever-so-slightly more satisfied than I originally predicted. The film retained the magical sense that Ghibli does best, while at the same time hosting its own unique personality. The... read more


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