Alt titles: Legend of the Magical Beans Pandalian, Madou Kiden Pandalian

TV (26 eps)
2.059 out of 5 from 75 votes
Rank #10,990

Charon is a normal, quiet and rural planet inhabited by not-so-normal creatures: Pandalians! These gentle creatures live their days tilling the fields, watching TV on TV bean trees, and taking trips to the city; but soon, the Fairy Lord has prophesized that Charon will soon be destroyed, and it’s up to his daughter, Tim, to travel to Charon to find the savior that will save the world. Through a series of unfortunate events she chooses Toby, a kind young Pandalian who wants nothing to do with this task. Now, Toby, Tim and the rest of their friends must seek out the seven magical beans that can help put a stop to the evil Demon Lord Audy’s plans!

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