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In the distant future, Earth's oceans have dried up, leaving a vast sandy desert in their place. On this inhospitable planet lives Sam, a boy whose older brother went missing years ago while chasing the sand whale, a behemoth that lurks beneath the sand. Now, Sam has teamed up with the local gang of sand pirates, and has dedicated his life to hunting the whale down himself. But when the boy accidentally rescues a mysterious girl from a fleet of military ships, little did he know that she'd be connected to his long lost brother...

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Ozma 1, "The Sand Whale" image

Episode 1

Ozma 1, "The Sand Whale"

Diving Limits image

Episode 2

Diving Limits

A Thousand Years of Doubt image

Episode 3

A Thousand Years of Doubt

To the Ends of the Earth image

Episode 4

To the Ends of the Earth

Episode 5: The masked man image

Episode 5

Episode 5: The masked man

The Day of New Life image

Episode 6

The Day of New Life

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Jezzakanezza's avatar
Jezzakanezza Jan 14, 2013
Score 6/10

Just finished the first episode, and I'm not convinced that I like the animation style. It appears reminiscent of Cowboy Bebop, crossed with late 80's animation, maybe with a hint of  Astroboy.  The story has potential, but will have to be executed well to win me over. A solid 6 for me at this point. read more

Zabusan's avatar
Zabusan Apr 27, 2012
Score 5.5/10

For too long, anime fans were without a Leiji Matsumoto series airing weekly – nearly 30 years in fact. So Gonzo and LandQ studios have come together to create an oddly short and semi-entertaining series set on a desolate, deserted Earth. Ozma tells the story of Sam Coyne and others aboard the Bardanos as they rescue a young girl by the name of Maya from the approaching Theseus army. What unfolds is... read more



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