Owarimonogatari II

TV Special (2 eps x 84 min)
4.34 out of 5 from 3,658 votes
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Second season of Owarimonogatari.

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"If you were to die the day after tomorrow, I shall live for 3 days time and tell a tell about you to someone"One the most monumental quotes easily depicts and conveys my feelings not just about this series, but the overall feeling for the whole Monogatari universe itself. There were definitely ups and downs, smiles and tearjerkers, neverending dialogues and sudden choices, many mistakes and a few right decisions, a lot of saved souls but all without haveing a salvation for yourself. Well, I might have lied a little about that last one.The second season of Owarimonogatari concludes and fits the last piece of the puzzle in the form of the 3 respective arcs: Mayoi Hell, Hitagi Rendezvous and Ougi Dark. Contrary to the beliefs of many, this season is not the follow up of the previous Owarimonogotari series 2 years before. This is where the last 2 episodes of Koyomimonogatari step up and they are essential to the plot of these final 3 arcs, so don't miss them up.See, this is where all the grand schemes of past years just click together. All the random stories of Araragi saving all the people around him, meeting with abberations and deities, fighting with/against specialists on supernatural fenomenons and finding their sole explanations. I guess the credit must go to Nisio Isin's genius and Shaft's very thorough and unique portrayal of this epic saga. The invisible seriousness, abstract empty world and a bizarre magic of all those dialogues combined into a perpetual theme for all the released series and Owarimonogatari Season 2without a doubt fulfilled all those high exptancies. There was no need to do something differently. We just bring all the bunch of favorite characters together again and let them act the way they always did, perhaps just adding a little more spice to it. Some decision making might be surprising but it will make all sense in the final countdown. We all know Koyomi will always try to save as much people around him as possible from any erratic and misfortuned fate, Mayoi will always stutter, Hitagi won't see things any other way than hers and Ougi will deliver her sinister deal of speaches and surrounding atmosphere. Yes, we all saw this before somewhere, but we always longed for seconds, thirds. The dialogues was the oddly loved theme of the Monogatari franchise (with the abstract art of course) so how can we go wrong if we'll keep the steady course? This was probably going through Shaft's minds and their answer was simple and convincing. And as time went through, all our characters matured and there was a need to give this a mean to an end. In this way Owarimonogatari Season 2 delivered completely. Don't expect any jaw-dropping story, don't expect much action or any 180 twist. There is just a big question, big decission left to make for Koyomi how to round up his few last years and step either into a new direction or follow his virtues and nature. Because that is what adolescence is, an age of changes, doubts and self-realisation. I won't go through reviewing the art of sound because all those who have been with this saga knows what to expect. If we got all the way to this last part, which I assume you did, I expect nothing less than an utter fascination for Monogatari artwork and music. In this sense, yet again, nothing changed and the portrayal of Hell really is unique, bizarre but fantastic in its own terms. What you might find a little escalated is the overabundance of symbols and pictures/scenes you already saw from previous seasons which creates a deep nostalgic feel and wakes up some fond memories. As a Monogatari fan I went through great times but also through worse. But I never doubted the enjoyment I received all that time and can't praise enough the outstanding experience this saga brought. It was always a solid ride, never really deceiveing me as a loyal member of its audience and helping me arrive to a final understanding that there ain't any similar anime like Monogatari. Owarimonogatari Season 2 was an almost perfect closure to all those stories and adventures of Koyomi, leaving me sad to have witnessed its end but also leaving me speachless in the most positive way how it all was so masterfully handled.


Shaft’s 2017 follow-on from the 2015 season one of this supernatural drama is listed as either having two, three or seven episodes. It actually has three parts in seven episodes that Crunchyroll has combined into three single episodes. These story parts are “Mayoi Hell”, “Hitagi Rendezvous” and “Ougi Dark”. The first sees Koyomi in hell with Mayoi, the second has Koyomi out on a date with Hitagi, whilst the third concerns the true identity and ultimate fate of Ougi. Of course, unless you have a working knowledge of the entire monogatari franchise and its characters this will all be pretty fruitless viewing as some knowledge is essential. Assuming you have the background knowledge how does this follow-up fair? All our criticisms of season one are valid here. The show has pretentions to be a cult classic and revels in its enigma. The conversations are whimsical and sometimes wildly off-topic whilst the settings are delivered in the fashion of a stage play. Dialogues are endless, mysterious and frustrating to any viewer wishing the story would move on. It is like the whole show is written in its own language as it is really hard to make head or tail of its meaning. It is hard to track what is going on. The animation is chock full of arty-CGI with items in backgrounds being repeated over and over as if the scenery is purely meant for artistic purposes rather than to reflect anything in the real world. It gives the whole show a spooky and other-worldly feel that is largely a matter of personal taste. Whilst remaining one of the most original and weird shows out there in the world of anime it is still a show that is very hard to like. It seems to be one vast in-joke and you are not going to be let in on the punch-line. This can make it seem pretty dull at times and its entertainment value is highly variable. A difficult show to watch or even enjoy.

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