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Ainz Ooal Gown is back after four long years and my anticipation persisted through the season. I was looking forward to each episode. However, there are several issues I had with this season. More than ever this season skips lot of content from the source material. I’m not speaking just of Holy kingdom arc, which is for some reason to be adapted as a movie instead. For that very reason, the last arc of the season is quite out of the context. I’m still stuck far away from those LN volumes anyway as I’m slowly making my way through them. I’m merely observing the things do not make complete picture. The anime adaptation was since the first season abridged version of LN. I would like to say nothing changed in that regard, but it became more prominent. This season even shows for the first-time character introduced in volume 3 of LN [1], but I digress. I’m happy the anime delivers some badass moments and fights. It was always the main appeal of the series after all. However, I was quite disappointed with number of rather anticlimactic moments [2]. It has become even more anticlimactic, than usually the ludicrous power gap between the Nazarick and other factions tends to make. Another thing that bothered me even more than in the third season, which was the moment, when MC does some bad guy Overlord actions [3]. It might bring fear to your enemies, but on such scale would also put you on list of ruthless tyrants no country would ever respect or trust. The justification provided by the MC doesn’t work. MC established himself as dangerous superpower in the third season. Pretty much by that point it was accomplished. This move feels like forced for the sake of having things happen and tilts MC into being unsympathetic character. Especially the ending leaves bunch of things unexplained as lots of things were occurring behind the scenes. Characters were introduced just to do almost nothing for the story as well. Audio-visually the fourth season was good. I had impression in some regards the visuals were improved compared to the previous seasons. Overall, I had good time watching the Overlord 4, but the story was all over the place. Just if you think the season 3 ended in bad ending scenario, this season tops that easily. Spoilers [1] Albedo’s sister Nigredo [2] Death of Brain Unglaus. [3] I’m speaking about the plan to genocide the kingdom.

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