Overlord IV

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Overlord 4 Of all the seasons, this one was definitely my favorite. Not only thanks to the improved animations, and faster pacing but also because of the more varied events. Of course, it's just another season for Overlord fans per se. If YOU are not a fan of this series, this season will not convince you either. The scenario of a man who becomes an emotionless Overlord to devour the world, whose story is told from his narrative, does not appeal to everyone. In addition, this anime is very monotonous in the long run and always comes down to the same results. Ainz is cool, Ainz is badass, Ainz has no idea what's going on, but because of the humor aspect, all his comrades-in-arms understand it and celebrate him all the more. Misunderstandings and misinterpretations make for some humorous scenes but undermine the atmosphere. If it were up to me, I could watch 100 seasons of Overlord, it's that simple. Unfortunately, it doesn't change the fact that the Overlord universe was created with a lot of detail, but this seems to have been mostly dropped in the anime adaptation. Just looking at how much content is lost from novel to anime breaks my heart. [Story 4] What began in the third season practically culminates here. The stories of many human protagonists that you have come to know to find an end or a continuation in this season. There is a final debate between the Magic Kingdom and the Human Kingdom and the resulting cosnequences. Content-wise there is nothing worth mentioning, it's the same little political stories, some insight into the everyday life of the humans and Ainz's everyday life. [Characters 4] I really wish they had given the people more character depth or at least made them more sympathetic. Their deaths almost couldn't be more boring, as you can hardly feel anything as a viewer. The only character that did decently this season was the Prince which was actually interesting. [Animations 6/ Music 8] The Overlord outro and intro have practically always the same quality. Among other things, I can hardly tell them apart. The osts are very good and fitting, highlighting the important scenes especially well. [Conclusion 5] The fourth season of Overlord also remains mostly average and fails to convince in even a single aspect. Nevertheless, it is an entertaining show. Would of course wish for an anime like Overlord that seems less like a comedy. Unfortunately, this anime does a poor job of distinguishing whether it's demonstrating an evil force, politics, or simply being its own Overlord parody. [Enjoyment 7]

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