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On the night his favorite MMORPG is scheduled to be shut down, veteran player Momonga stays logged in until the clock hits zero. The screen goes dark for only a few moments before he finds himself completely immersed in the online world of Yggdrasil. Left with all of his character’s devastating powers, total dominion over his loyal NPCs, and nothing better to do… Momonga decides to try his hand at taking over the world. All the hours he’s spent grinding and dungeon crawling have certainly paid off, and as he tests his strength on local rogues and legendary beasts he comes to realize that not one opponent can stand against his might. Embracing his new identity as the fearsome mage Ainz Ooal Gown, Momonga continues his search for bigger, badder adversaries. Leaving the people of Yggdrasil to wonder who exactly is trapped with who?

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Haiiii~ (~◠▽◠)~♥ As a third review this summer, and I usually review 2 series a season, I will be reviewing Overlord! The studio MADHOUSE has some AMAZING shows, on the other hand it also has some downright HORRIBLE shows. So which one does this anime fit into? Is it just another ''virtual reality'' anime with been there done that predictable story? Or is it super original show with stunning visuals and amazing story? Let's find out! :D NOTE: Because of personal reasons I didn't use images I captured and edited while watching, but rather images I found online. I'll make sure this doesn't happen again. STORY Yeah I can't deny that the story is based on a ''person stuck in virtual reality'', which is basically a genre by now. The story is based on a guild leader who for some reason stays inside a game after it's servers close down. He tries to adapt to the world by finding out more about it. Even thought I can't deny this story is pretty much great I must admit that I wasn't really into it as much. I didn't find the story interesting, and I wasn't that entertained by it (it did have some amazing moments thought) but I do see why a lot of people liked it. I'm glad that the story went in a direction that I didn't really expect. One of the things I liked was the originality of the story. So in conclusion, the story is well written and somewhat fun. I was impressed... but not that impressed. 7/10 ANIMATION The animation is decent. Nothing spectacular or stunning, but still well done and enjoyable. I like the amount of detail on certain characters and the environment. Nothing much to say about the animation. I didn't notice anything unique or amazing about it, but I still think it's well done. So for a well done animation I'll give a 8/10 SOUND Great sound quality. I really liked the voice acting and sound in general. I also liked the music, opening song is super catchy! Great quality, nice voice acting and great music, 8/10. CHARACTERS Hmm. So I do like the unique aspect of the main character. He's not a super attractive but he looks badass. I don't like the fact that he is really overpowered. What I missed is development. They introduced all of the guild ''NPCs'' and then they started progressing with the story without developing them much. This was a little disappointing for me. However, I must point out that story wise, we did get some really decent characters, so I can't deny they didn't do that well. I like most of the characters but I feel like some of them needed more (or even some) development. I'll give it a 6/10 OVERALL This anime is great, and it definitely has a quality storyline, characters, visuals and sound. But personally, it was not really my cup of tea. Maybe I felt like ''been there done that'' since I watched/read a lot of virtual reality anime/manga. So yeah, this show is definitely not bad, but I didn't enjoy it as much. For overall rating, I'll give this anime a 7/10.  That's it! Thanks for reading my review! I'd recommend this anime to everyone who likes the ''virtual reality'' anime such as SAO or Log Horizon. Rate if you found this review helpful, funny, or just like it. I have more anime reviews so check them out if you want! Thanks and have a nice day ^^


First time leaving a 'review' as such, so forgive me for the unconventional approach. I just had to post this as this anime has completely shattered my preconseptions of it. I started watching Overlord from episode 1 about 2 hours ago with the mindset of "Urgh another MMO/SAO/Log Horizon ripoff" Boy was I wrong. I was also wrong in thinking, while watching the opening scene and credits in episode 1, "This is boring" "How can a skeleton be an MC!" "Who even is the MC in this series?!" "All these characters look awful, I'll never like these!" Wrong. This will be the anime I recommend in the place of SAO. This will go down in my books as having one of my favourite MC's. It's only episode 4. I'm expecting more greatness from this anime than anything ever before, and I am sure it will deliver thoroughly and blow us away in doing so. Masterpiece in the making. If you would like my best attempt at nitpicking the fine details I can only tell you this. At points, this show has literally had me jumping up and down in my seat and slapping my fists together like a newborn baby. The excitement got to me. It has a very epic feel to it that I don't experience often. As a fan of Madhouse they have lived up to their name but in my opinion, not broken any records, though the action scenes and key points are absolutely delicious to watch as a fan of gore (as far as anime gore goes). Unfortunately it does suffer from the plague of obnoxious CG but it fits relatively well and won't ruin your overall viewing experience. If you're still on the fence about whether or not to watch this as it's 'just-another-SAO' just watch it and try it. I give it an 8/10 as it's only episode 4, all what I've said could be completely wrong in a few weeks time and I'll have to remove this out of shame. I really do hope that isn't the case.

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