Outburst Dreamer Boys: It's the Destiny of Those Born as Men

Alt title: Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy Special

DVD Special (1 ep x 24 min)
3.412 out of 5 from 184 votes
Rank #7,929
Outburst Dreamer Boys: It's the Destiny of Those Born as Men

The student council asks the Hero Club to travel to a distant temple and assist the guardian in his duties — but the guardian has a very familiar face…

Source: HIDIVE

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This review of the Outburst Dreamer Boys OVA (Episode 12) counts as a review of the complete season.  It just seemed that the OVA served as the perfect summation of what has been a 'wild and crazy' premise. Outburst Dreamer Boys recounts the battles (more or less) of the Hero Club, a confab of five chunibyo boys who pester a girl who merely wants to have a quiet, peaceful time in her high school days.  Poor Miyuki.  All she did wrong was to wear an eye-patch to protect her infected eye.  This makes her a sure bet to join the Hero Club as the mystic warrior Pink. The Hero Club's members make the anime for what it is.  Whether a success or ultimate bomb, the energy of these five is unmistakable.  Noda is the highly energetic president who is called upon by the athletic teams in times of need.  Nakamura claims to have the divine/infernal powers of a demon/angel.  The last three claim to be the perfect hero for the girls.  However, Takashima seems content with 2D anime girls.  Rei is bullied by his older sisters.  Futaba is a transfer from the US who uses a podcast to produce an aura of sexiness.  At base, their delusional views of their 'powers' hardly meshes with reality.  Nakamura is not athletic and is winded easily.  Noda, although  quite coordinated and irrepressible, easily loses focus and does the wildest stuff.  And Miyuki finds the three lover-boys tedious most the time. But the Hero Club is definitely helpful to the school and town.  The wrinkle in the plot is the Student Council's attitude of the Hero Club as disgraceful and undisciplined.  They disband the club, leaving the five heroes to prove their worth to the townspeople and classmates who believe in their worth.  Odd, in saving the school from a 'monster,' Miyuki demonstrates that if there is any mystic powers at work, she is the best candidate for the job. The OVA is presented as the Student Council's apology to the Hero Club for the closing of hero activities by offering Miyuki and the five a case.  They help in the repairs of a local shrine/lodge and help in a very messy harvest.  It is set up as the last case for the Hero Club; it is hardly a teaser for a second season.  The Hero Club's offer to take up the next case makes for the perfect close. The plot limps in several cases.  First, the Student Council's hostility toward the Hero Club seems ill-founded.  Miyuki is perceived as a hapless colleague of the boys, though she is clearly the most intelligent.  Miyuki's friend Watase is basically there as  the 'cute' character, but there doesn't seem to be any depth to the character.  This appears to be the key weakness.  Though entertaining in their bumbling ways, there is no coherence between the members of the cast.  The music, though peppy, doesn't do much to advance the idea that we are dealing with a bunch of chunni ... caution is advised.  But as for the clash between delusional powers and actual talent, it was a great time for laughs.

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