Outbreak Company

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2013
3.951 out of 5 from 10,021 votes
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After suffering a heart-wrenching rejection, anime and manga-loving Shinichi Kanou shuts himself off from the world and becomes a hikikomori. But the boy's solitary life soon comes to an end when he's hired as an ambassador to a newly-discovered world, where the only job criteria is to be a hardcore otaku! Now the boy must work hard to spread the word of this unique, nerdy culture in hopes of strengthening relations between the other world's citizens and Japan. And in a land filled with dragons, half-elf maids, and a teenage queen, it shouldn't be that hard... right?

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Episode 1

I Landed in Another World

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Episode 2

I-I'd better watch it...

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Thou Art Invaders

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Furry Spy

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This Really Is Another World

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Soccer... Soccer?

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Maid in Japan

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The Melancholy of Her Imperial Majesty

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Swimsuit of the Dead

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Magical Girl Petralka

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Plot Silent, Plot Deep

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Episode 12

Shoot the Invaders!

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This review is about to show Outbreak Company. Outbreak Company aired in the fall season in 2013 and that's when I watched the show. I won't be giving any spoiler, since this review will be to inform you about my thoughts of the anime and if you should watch it. Story: The story is about Shinichi Kanou. After being rejected he got into anime and manga and became one of the greatest otaku. Then he got hired by the governement. The governement found a portal to a fantasy world and they want to interact with that world. They want Shinichi to get the people of that world involved with anime and manga. When Shinichi arrives in that world he decides to build a school and teach the ways of anime and manga to the chilldren. During this time he goes through lots of adventures and funny things. Animation: The anime looks really nice and the animation is pretty smooth. It looks nice because of the amount of bright colours, this makes the fantasy world extra extraordinary and different. there isn't really anything else to say about the animation, so I'll just leave it at that. Sound: The opening of the anime is really nice, I especially ike the beginning and the end of the opening. I don't really have an opinion about the ending, since I barely listend to it and always skipped it. In the anime the sound didn't really stand out and didn't make a big impact. I cannot remember any background music at all. Characters: The characters in the anime were awesome. The most important characters were Shinichi, Myucel (a half-elf maid), and Petralka (the suppreme ruler of the new discoverd world). Myucela and Petralka were really cute. The charcters go thought a lot of character devolepment, especially Shinichi. He goes from being hikikomori (somebody who barely goes outside) to being a teacher with lots of good friends and he gets more confident in everything he does. Overall: Overall I thought this show was pretty good and a lot of fun to watch. It really was one of the better shows this season and I really recommand you to watch this.

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