Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World

Alt title: Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou, Arui wa Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2020
3.537 out of 5 from 4,694 votes
Rank #5,332
Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World

Embroiled in a hundred-year war, young Iska is sent to assassinate the Ice Calamity Witch, Aliceliese. Meant to murder each other, their initial encounter on the battleground creates doubt in their missions, but finding common ground together would make them traitors to their own countries. Though circumstances previously made them enemies, their now conflicted hearts may just make them lovers!

Source: Funimation

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3S review no.9 (short, simple and salty/spicy/sweet) Oh gawd please no, not another season of this… Damn you sunk cost fallacy, you gonna make me watch that also??? You see, for the first time ever I decided to watch anime as they are airing, try a bunch, keep watching the bearable ones and drop the unbearable ones. But it wasn’t really a great season for anime, so I kept watching this one, not because it was bearable, simply because it was less unbearable than the others… I was at least hoping I’d get a complete story out of 12 episodes, but no, of course not, such an amazing and innovative story really needs time to unfold its greatness... So, from a studio that never produced anything above average, a director that never directed anything above average, comes (what a surprise) another not above average uninteresting show. Story is about a young man, and a young lady fallin in love. What a breath of fresh air huh? But wait, there is more, they are from different nations, world’s two largest nations that are on a never-ending war. WOW! I bet you didn’t see that coming huh? What a refreshing idea! Never mind the fact that never, not even once, not even for a split second you get the feeling that the world is indeed in such a state. Also there are going to be more girls that have the hots for our kirito eh… for our MC I mean. This one I’m 100% certain you didn’t see comin. Well… story is as uninteresting as it gets. But wait, a story that has been told before can still be great if you say it in great way? Right? Yeah that’s right but that’s not the case here. Story telling is as predictable and as boring as it gets. Everything that happens on this show, you already know it’s gonna happen. Watching the first episode, is like watching the last one as well. Whatever you imagine that’s gonna happen, it happens eventually. The story unfolds in the most boring, predictable, uninteresting way imaginable. The characters are gonna keep randomly meeting each other, because… well because that works. Don’t question the plot please. The plot is wise and ever-seeing. The only good piece of storytelling I found was the thing with the handkerchief and the key, don’t wanna spoil anything in case you wanna watch the show (pls don’t) but that’s about it. Characters are uninteresting, boring puppets that act like well oiled plot machines. The main duo is plain out boring and typical and some others on top of being boring and uninteresting, are extremely obnoxious. Like the princess’s maid and the captain. What the actual fock is wrong with people these days? Can you not see that a character you just wrote is complete and utter garbage? Can you at least try to make em plausible? The maid’s character makes zero fockin sense. There is an incident happening like midway of the show. Skip the italics if you want to avoid the spoiler. So, the maid drugs a can of beverage, and gives it to the soldier. The soldier drinks it and then, what do you know, gets drugged and falls asleep. She is accused by the princess for her action. But, but, here it comes, SHE DIDN’T WANT TO DRUG HIM. She only drugged the beverage because she knew that the soldier was never gonna drink it since she was the one that gave it to him. And since she really didn't want to drug him, they just go ahed and kidnapp him. I mean we UNINTENTIONALLY drugged him so... fock it, lets go ahead and try and kill him anyway. Absolutely and utterly mindfocked by that. I believe you don’t really want me to explain to you in how many ways this is totally idiotic. And that incident kind of sums up the terrible writing of the show. Oh and about the captain, how the fock do you ever get to be a captain of a squad when you are as useless as one can be? She can't even pull her own weight (and there is alot of weight sticking out of her above the abdominal area)! Useless and annoying. But hey, at least she has gigantic boobs so that’s alright? Right? That brings me to the next point. Animation and art style. Animation is average to maybe slightly above average when cgi isn’t on the screen. Art style is very generic and what you’d expect from this kind of show, I’m not fond of it. Boobs. Giant boobs. Gigantic boobs for everyone! Like watermelon size boobs. I guess if you like boobs, there you go, I just found a reason for you to watch the show! God bless. Another thing I don’t get, what the fock is up with those random stray single hairs that everyone has sticking out of their hair? What’s up with that? They thought that It wouldd look cool? It just looks stupid. Then again they thought some other things were cool about their show… The only aspect of the show that is not completely terrible, is the sound. Its not great, but its not terrible either. Tracks are ok, opening and ending aint half-bad either. Voice acting of the main duo is alright. The other guy of the group is ok, as well as the masked lord (I like his VA in general), but almost everyone else is either uninteresting or obnoxious as hell. Then again that is kinda fitting for the characters they act. At one point in the show, there is a super bad ass (supposedly) evil super strong guy that has been locked up for years introduced, and boy if I’ve ever seen a voice not fit a character that’s probably it. And I am not really bashing the actor (it’s the guy that voices Iruka sensei from naruto), that’s the color of his voice, what you gonna do. But dude, is it that hard to cast a fitting voice? What do you expect from a studio that can’t even get the simple things done. So, is it worth a watch? Fock no it isn’t. Absolutely not. Especially now that its gonna drag out for another season (or god forbid even more than that). Only reason I watched this is as I said before, because I decided for the first time in my life, to try and watch some anime while they are airing, and then review them. Being the sadomasochistic person I am, i couldn’t go down on my word so here we are. I wasted my time, but at least by doing that I can prevent you from wasting yours dear reader. Oh and I saved the best for last. The icing on the cake. An unforgivable act the writer did. Without any hint of shame, he made both the main characters, having one thing (among others) in common. They both…..like their pasta cooked BEN COTTA!!! Oh dear gawd how can anyone speak these words with a straight face (btw ben cotta is pasta cooked to oblivion till it becomes completely mushy).


The general premise is to be Romeo and Juliet story, but the series is more like mishmash of various anime tropes. We have typical main male lead desired, but passive with women protagonist, that is not going ever make any move. On the other hand, we have stereotypical female lead, who is trying to do everything in her power to not show her feelings not only to the MC, but to herself as well. They are supposed to have same goal in mind, but pretty much stubbornly try to do it in their own way making it practically impossible to have any real chance for success. Secondary characters can be summed up as the maid, the unbelievable clumsy military team leader woman, the little sister of female mc and many other mostly generic characters. Let’s not forget the stereotypical council of nameless leaders in dark room communicating via some video conference. The story felt like some side story of few people going on mission, then taking vacation, going on mission, then taking break, … again and again. It has mixed in some mild romantic titillation. Everything set in some larger political drama in a fictional sci-fi/fantasy. There are lot of things going without proper explanation [1]. World building is seriously lacking. Events are going on grand scale of empires, but it’s confusing, because the series doesn’t bother to go into what is the meat of the situation. Instead, it shifts constantly between excerpts of political events and slice-of-life magical fighting shounen [2] with magical beams, ice, fire and swords. There is little pay off in this series, practically at the end I was like “that’s it?” Even the romance has so little pay off you won’t get nothing more than few awkward moments of starring. The ending is completely open nothing gets resolved really. Even the final arc is not resolved. I can’t recommend the show, especially when there are better series in their respective categories right now in the very same season. Better romance would be Tonikaku Kawaii. Jujutsu Kaisen better fighting shounen. Spoilers [1] Identity of Emperor. What are goals and history of those actors driving events in the series. [2] They even fight founder in the ep3. In the finale they fight instead generic magic mecha beast powered by magical ghost. It’s so badly structured.

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