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Alt title: Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru

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Aug 9, 2014

The story is about a boy who finds out that his grandfathers will requests him to go to an all girls school. He can't go as a boy, so his childhood friend helps him learn how to be a girl and dress like a girl. Throughout the anime, he makes new friends and deals with the varrious issues of being a boy undercover in an all girls school. The reason his grandfather wanted him to go to this school was to be closer to his mothers memory. His mother had attended the school and been the Elder ( a student who elected and performs duties, mainly being a good role model for young ladies). According to the plot on this site, it's implied that this is supposed to be the focus of the show, but it's not. It's more like a chapter or a small side story than the main focus. The main focus tends to be more on him being the Elder and keeping his gender a secret from all but a select few. 

I give the story a six because it's not very strong, however it was still good enough to keep watching and to be entertaining. There really isn't an end goal that the characters are trying to reach throughtout the entire series. There isn't one main focus that is always present. In some ways, it's almost episodic. It also doesn't invoke stong emotions in my opinion. It's not a comedy, it's not a drama or tradgedy, it's not a horror or thriller, it's not very strong in any area. It has some comedy thrown in throughout, but the focus isn't to make you laugh the entire series. There are some touching moments but it's just light, same with any drama. It doesn't go really deep. What I'm trying to say is that it is somewhat bland. It's not very exciting much of the time. On the other hand, it has some interesting concepts, some moments that will make you laugh, and even a few deep moments. The story plays with the idea of strong friendships, confidence, differences between genders, rivalry, and so on. 

As far as the boy pretending to be a girl goes, it was alright, though it could have been played with a lot more. Sometimes I forgot he was a boy. While the disguise was supposed to fool people, there were a lot of things that just didn't quite add up. Now I'm a girl and I don't necessarily know as much about male anatomy and such as say a guy does. However, I have read comments about how the clothing shouldn't have worked so well, and I'm inclined to agree after seeing some of the bathing suits he tried on. I also have to wonder what those breasts were put on with because those things never moved or came off or anything. My point is, a lot of things were just a little too convinient.

The animation was fine. As I mentioned previously, there is the fact that he just looked a and sounded and acted just a little TOO feminine to the point where I had to wonder if he really wasn't a girl. I liked how they did destroy some boundries between gender in the show like how even the teacher was okay with the idea of this guy being the elegant lady role model when he wasn't even a lady. I liked how those who knew his true gender still supported him the way they did. However, the way he was created through voice and drawing wasn't very realistic. It was even slightly annoying. 

I have no complaints about the sound. The music matched the moments and I liked the sound when the ghost was aroung. Speaking of the ghost, I could go on about the inconsistencys with the ghost and how certain things were too convinient, but I won't. It's pretty much standard that a ghost in a show won't make sense or be consistent, and their abilities will change depending what is most convinient for the story. Therefore, I see no reason to go on a rant about it now.

As far as characters go, they weren't bad. On the other hand, they weren't very developed. Unfortunately, shorter animes tend to have less developed characters among other issues. I don't bother with expecting much from an anime under 20 episodes. Overall though, the characters weren't bad. The childhood friend and the student president had their little rival not to mention they both liked the boy. I have a feeling that if the anime had continued, they would have explored that issue even more. The characters didn't have much in the way of back ground story. On the other hand, the major characters all had distinguishing personalities. 

This wouldn't make my top ten, it probably wouldn't even make my top thirty, but I do still reccomend it. It's light and simple with just enough spice to make it interesting. 

6/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Oct 28, 2009

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru starts off strange.  A young boy is told that his grandfathers dying wish is for him to enroll into a prestigous school for girls.  As if that isn't interesting enough they seeminglessly make this boy into the perfect girl.  And I mean P-E-R-F-E-C-T.  So perfect, in fact, that it's extremely refreshing.  After watching shows where the male lead is a bumbling idiot and can't do the simplest thing without some big breasted heroine holding his hand, watching OwBnK was an extremely enjoying experience.I had always passed this title because of Da Capo.  I enjoyed Da Capo and how it was produced but I wasn't sure if I could handle another show drawn and roughly editted the same way.  They even have repeating character designs that are apperent almost immidiately.  The plot devolpment and character choices were also repeats of Da Capo and I saw that coming a mile away... What I did not see coming was how well all of this came together to form one of the best sex change shows I've ever seen.Mixing a blend of Slice of Life, Romance, and Drama is something every anime attempts to do.  Some examples would be Kannon, Clannad, and Toradora.  Although I wouldn't rank OwBnK amoungst them it does deserves the next level down.  Fluent in every aspect of the show, OwBnK takes the most interesting parts of a man turning into a girl and flaunts them in a modest manner, making the male turned female lead into an extremely lovable character.

I recommend this anime.

8/10 story
6.5/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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Nov 15, 2009

Plot: "There’s no denying that Mizuhu is beautiful. Normally that might be a bit of a disadvantage seeing as he is an average sort of boy who enjoys sports and games. However, his beloved grandfather has just passed away, and the will includes a strange request; his grandfather wants him to become closer to his mother's memory by attending the same all-girls academy she did for a semester. Obviously he can't hide his gender from the teachers of the school; so he will need their approval, but he also can't expose his gender in front of his fellow students. With the help of his child-hood friend Mariya, his own natural beauty, and just a little bit of luck, Mariya may just be able to fool his fellow students! Considering the turn of events, there may be more to his grandfather's dying request than meets the eye..." (site synopsis)

Story: Another one of my favourite shoujo-ai animes.Unfortunately i seen this anime like 3 months ago and i always forgot or delayed to make a review about it.Finaly today i found some free time to do so.The story of this anime is centered on a handsome and inteligent boy named Miyanokougi Mizuho.When his grandfather passed away, he mentioned in his will a very unusual and weird request.He requested that Mizuho should become closer to his mother's memory and to do so he must attend the same only-girl academy that his mother attended.Of course since he is a boy it is difficult for him to hide his gender aspects from the teachers and especialy from the other students.However with the help of his childhood friend Mariya and with abit of luck, he might be able to fool the other students.I was like wtf when i sow the result of Mariya's work, he seemed a girl in almost all aspects, except for behaviour but it will not be long until he will act like one.Of course after the changes were completed he was presented to the principal and to his head teacher and both of them were impressed about his girly looks.Quite funny, to fool all people around you and pretend that you are a girl but in his case some weird actions that arent quite girlish were exposed but since he obtained a huge popularity among the other students everyone admired him, not only that he is smart and intelligent he is also athlethic and quick at taking the right decisions.It will not be long until he will gain an important status in the academy.Well what can i say, on one hand this anime seems to be very funny (given by the gender-bender aspect) and also a warm and nice shoujo-ai/romance aspect (a very good and well thinked mixture).The ending of the story was also quite nice and i dont realy have much to complain here.

Animation: Not bad in terms of animation but far from beeing a masterpiece or something that realy attracts your atention.The character design were decent, some of them were quite impressing (pointing at Mizuho) but nothing out of common, above average for sure.

Sound: Having a hard time remembering the sound of this anime.The opening and ending werent on my taste, listenable at least but it seemed to fit with the anime environment and as well the background sounds.

Characters: In this anime we can speak about a nice and well thinked character development.As the story goes on more characters appear around the main ones (Mizuho and Mariya) some of them will play an important part around the ending.Individualy the characters arent so well developed, since we dont realy know quite alot stuff about them and their past actions or a suitable story about them doesnt exist.

Overall: Warm, nice, enjoyable, funny at some points, this anime is highly recommended from those who are bored of the common romance/shoujo-ai animes and wants to try something abit funnier with some comedy aspects.I guarantee that you wont regret watching this anime.

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8.5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
8.3/10 overall
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Aug 1, 2010


While the story did have its few funny moments, they were rare and made me rarely laugh. The story itself did not seem to have any focus at all, with it switching between episodic and linear story. Also the main point of the plot in the beginning of the series is completely lost by the end of the series. I was also upset by the random super-natural element in the story, when there is no reason to believe that the super natural have any hold on the world of the series, and the ghost seemed completely out of place in the show. I also got tired of the antics of the series by around the 3rd or 4th episode. I did not find it enjoyable.


There was one main problem that made me really hate the animation of Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, and that was the over use of stills. It got down to the point were it was downright obnoxious and it looked rather unprofessional. Also the character designs seemed uninspired.


The characters were really flat and one dimensional throughout the series. Also they all seemed to have simular life stories, usually involving the death of someone close to them the only really likeable character was Mizuho-chan, who was the main character and was really the only nice character too. The rest seemed either mean or they were airheads.


I felt that this series had potential, but it let me down on many levels. I would suggest that everyone avoid this anime.

3.5/10 story
0.5/10 animation
?/10 sound
4/10 characters
2.5/10 overall
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Jun 3, 2018

BASICALLY this anime is pretty much Strawberry Manic/Maria-sama Watches Over You with a crossdresser as the main character. Not deep AT ALL but a entertaining anime.

Minor complaints: the animators kind of forget that the main character is a crossdresser in some scenes, just animating 'her' as a girl. The series also just doesn't get into the poor girls who fall for the lead, and how they may react when they realize it's a GUY.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7/10 overall
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